The Casablanca Stealth Fan Collection | Up To 33% Off Retail

Casablanca Stealth ceiling fans are contemporary fans that feature smooth contours, swept wing blades, integrated halogen light bulb, and the convenience of a wall-mounted remote control. The Casablanca Stealth complements contemporary and modern home decors. For homes with low-profile ceilings, choose the modern Casablanca Isotope ceiling fan with a hugger body.

Design Iconic - Casablanca Stealth Fans

For nearly 40 years, the Casablanca Fan Company has built a reputation for delivering some of the most modern ceiling fan designs in the industry, and the Casablanca Stealth Collection is no exception. Casablanca Stealth ceiling fans offer a sleek design with furniture-quality, swept-wing veneer blades and metal blade tips that match the rich motor housing finish. The Casablanca Stealth has integrated 100-watt halogen lighting and a wall-mounted remote control for added ease and convenience. The Stealth transforms the look and feel of contemporary and transitional homes. See Del Mar Fans & Lighting's article and video on how to install a Casablanca Steatlh fan.

However, these Casablanca ceiling fans provide more than beauty. The Casablanca Stealth ceiling fans are powered by performance-driven XLP-2000 motors that move air at a rate of 6251 CFM. The integrated light fixture provides useful down or task lighting. The wall-mounted remote control manages six-speed settings, fan directions, and full-range light dimming. You may choose an optional handheld remote control for additional ease-of-use. The Casablanca Stealth fan is designed to meet all your cooling and lighting needs.

Casablanca Stealth ceiling fans are available in 53 - 54 inch blade spans, which are ideal in bedrooms, living rooms, and large rooms ranging 150 - 300 square feet in size. Prior to purchasing a new ceiling fan, identify the room in which you plan to install the fan and measure the room to obtain the total square footage. Then, compare the room’s square footage to the measurements listed on the room size section on the product page.

Casablanca Stealth fans provide homeowners with comfort and savings year-round. During the summer, adjust the swept wing fans blades to rotate in a counterclockwise direction to create a cooling wind-chill effect. Then, set the thermostat a few degrees higher to minimize air conditioning use and reduce energy consumption. Using a ceiling fan during the summers can save homeowners up to 40% in utility bills. During the winter, reverse the blade direction to rotate clockwise at the lowest speed setting. The warm air contained near the top of the ceiling will be redistributed back to the ground. Using the ceiling fan during the winter can save homeowners up to 15% in energy costs.

Casablanca Stealth ceiling fans bring beauty, comfort and savings to your home. These contemporary ceiling fans are available in a variety of rich, lasting finishes to match your home's individual décor. Select a low-priced Stealth ceiling fan to modernize and cool your home today.