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Large Ceiling Fans: 62, 72, and up to 80 Inches

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For large spaces, choose 62 inch ceiling fans or greater. These large fans will enhance the look and feel of your great room, big bedroom or oversized space. Browse Casablanca fans with lights for a selection of beautiful fans with lights such as the Atria ceiling fan. Choose a new huge fan, 62 inches or larger, from a variety of styles and finishes with stylish solid wood blades.

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How to Size Your Ceiling Fan
How To Size Your Ceiling Fan
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Add Comfort to Vast Spaces with Large Fans – 62 Inches or Larger

A common industry tip when buying a new ceiling fan is that the size of the room will determine the size of the fan. Small rooms require small or mini ceiling fans while bigger rooms require large ceiling fans. Large fans range in blade span from 62 inches to 72 inches to effectively circulate air in large spaces. These ceiling fans are available in a variety of styles and finishes with added features like customizable blades and integrated lighting. Large Minka fans with lights effectively cool and illuminate vast spaces, minimizing the need for multiple fixtures. These ceiling fans are also suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Large ceiling fans can be used year-round for comfort and savings. During the summer time, operate the large ceiling fan in a counterclockwise direction to create cooling breeze that allows users to rely less on AC units. During the winter time, run the large fan in a clockwise direction to distribute warm air trapped at the top near the ceiling back down to the floor, which allows users to rely less on heating devices.

To decide if large ceiling fans are suitable for your home, determine the size of the room by obtaining the square footage. First, measure the width of the room with a tape measure and record the value. Then, measure the length of the room and record the value. Next, multiply the width and the length values to obtain the total square footage and record the final value. When selecting a new ceiling fan, compare the total square footage measurement obtained to the measurements provided on the packaging.

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