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Do you have a hangar themed room in your home that requires some air circulation? Airplane ceiling fans, and other aircraft overhead fans, will provide the additional cooling to your aviation inspired room for a pilot style ambience. Airplane ceiling fans will keep the hangar themed décor consistent throughout the area.

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Aircraft Overhead Fans for Your Home

Airplane ceiling fans provide the propeller looking blades to mesh the pilot style décor with the aviation style around your room. Aircraft overhead fans allow a vintage military feel to combine with modern designs to circulate air and cool your favorite room. Antique planes have a distinct propeller look that is captured by brands like Hunter, Minka Aire, and Craftmade. Aircraft overhead fans can also fit into rooms around your home that have vintage style décor already in it.

Ever since the Wright brothers flew that very first plane in 1903, people have always been fascinated by these flying machines. Pass along the fascination and amazement with aerospace to the next generations of enthusiasts. Fan manufacturers like the Hunter Fan Company and Craftmade ceiling fans are producing units that feature propellers-like blades.

They get their name from their shape — they are constructed in the form of an airplane, and the fan blades are made to look like the propellers. Such fixtures have been popular with kids and parents for many years, and it is not hard to see why. After all, who would not want a whimsical fan installed on their ceiling, especially if they are a flying machine enthusiast?

Even though they look different from other fixtures, they are not any harder to install than what might be considered “normal” fans. Those who believe they can install a standard fan, therefore, will not have any difficulty installing one of the many aeronautical style fixtures or any of the other unique fans that Del Mar Designs keeps in its inventory.

They come in a variety of colors and designs, making it easy for parents and kids to find an accessory that will delight them tremendously. We recommend that kids have a look at the models in our inventory along with their parents, if they are old enough to help make the decision. That way parents will be sure to get a fan that their kids will love.

There are many similar fan types available for rooms with similar features. Industrial inspired ceiling fans provide sufficient cooling while keeping with a vibrant, fun, exciting color selection. Finishes are available for a more vintage, laid-back décor. Antique ceiling fans have the deep browns and coppers to give the quality feel of a well-built, sturdy fuselage.

Other common fixtures can include any number of designs, finishes, and styles. Novelty ceiling fans contain many items with wild colors and unique types. With a plethora of fixture styles, finishes, and designs that are available it can be difficult to find the correct one. We welcome you to read about the best types of fans for your home.