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Have you been searching for a fancy overhead fixture with lamps resembling diamonds? Our chandelier ceiling fans, or a candelabra style fan, combine elegant lighting design with cooling ventilation to create a fan that is both eye-catching and functional in any room indoors or outdoors. Do not confuse these ornate overhead accessories as being a simple hanging lamp. Chandelier ceiling fans are lavishly detailed with fancy metal flourishes, draping crystals and tier lighting.

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A Candelabra Style Fan for Your Rustic Home

Chandelier ceiling fans provide the perfect solution to homeowners who struggle with the question of whether to install an overhead fan or a modern crystal lighting fixture in their house. Using a candelabra style fan removes the need to decide between the two options. These decorative fans integrate the grace of traditional light kits while delivering the cooling air flow from a conventional fan to any interior room in your home. By performing dual functions a candelabra style fan with crystal lights save valuable living space that might otherwise be cluttered with unnecessary lamps and fixtures, which can distract from your house.

They are many fixtures suitable for many locations in endless styles, even with light kits. For an instant kitchen renovation, place a ceiling fan with a rustic finish on a vintage ceiling over an island for general illumination and aeration. For a soothing ambiance in your bedroom or living room, install a fan with diamond-looking glass in an earth tone finish. For optimal comfort while entertaining guests outside on a patio or deck, select an outdoor ceiling fan with palm leaf blades. These fans also offer energy efficient options, which can help residence owners save on utility bills.

There is a plethora of fan styles and finishes from the leading manufacturers in the industry. A large variety of vintage ceiling fans are available to suit each of your design needs. With so many options it can be difficult to choose the correct fixture for you. Read about the best types of fans for your home to gain more knowledge on the subject, prior to a purchase.

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