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Graphite ceiling fans provide a subtle sophistication to a formal room. Gray is a versatile neutral color that can be used to create a warm or cool design scheme. Fanimation fans offers a selection of slate fans with unique forms. Graphite fans go well in any living space and help blend a room all together.  These slate colored fans have that architectural contemporary feel.
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Gray, Slate and Charcoal Finishes Make up Graphite Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans with a silver finish are common choices for homeowners when they are shopping for fans. Those who want a similar look without the actual silver finish, however, may want to consider buying one of the many graphite ceiling fans on the market. Also known as gray ceiling fans or even slate ceiling fans, graphite ceiling fans get their name from their color, which matches the color of the mineral graphite. These fans come UL listed for all areas of the home for your exterior spaces choose the graphite 52 inch outdoor ceiling fans.

It is not entirely unheard of for graphite ceiling fans to be constructed, at least in part, from the mineral graphite. Yet as already noted, graphite more often refers to the color of the fan. There can be many shades of graphite, ranging from light gray to a darker hue; thus, it is possible for consumers to find graphite fans that will go well in nearly any room, no matter its other colors.

As far as cleaning goes, graphite ceiling fans have a distinct advantage. Because of its color and the color of dust, a graphite ceiling fan will not show dust as readily as ceiling fans that come in other colors. This means that people can get away with dusting them less frequently than they would dust fans of other colors. Still, graphite ceiling fans should be cleaned regularly. A consistent cleaning schedule will minimize the circulation of dust allergens and keep the fan running well many years into the future.

Graphite ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Gray outdoor ceiling fans add a contemporary touch to any outdoor room. Whether a traditionally designed fan is needed or a more contemporary look is desired, anyone should be able to find a graphite ceiling fan that will match the destination room perfectly. Take time to browse through the large selection of graphite ceiling fans below and choose the one that has the best color and style for the decorating project.