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Low Profile, Hugger & Flush Mount Ceiling Fans with Lights

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Flush mount ceiling fans with lights, also known as lighted hugger ceiling fans, provide the function of a flush mount fan with the necessity of lighting, which is ideal for kitchen, bedroom or office. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a flush mount ceiling fan with light regardless of your home’s ceiling height. Hugger ceiling fans are ideal for home's with low-profile ceilings because they install flush against the ceiling without downrods, allowing the blades to hang safely 7 feet above the floor. These ceiling fans are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes from top brands such as Monte Carlo ceiling fans.

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Flush Mount Ceiling Fans with Lights

Hugger fans with lights are well-known across the industry for not only providing that extra air flow and lighting that you desire, but doing so in a safe manner. Thanks to their carefully engineered design, flush mount ceiling fan with lights eliminate the worry associated with the installation of fans in rooms with low ceilings. Our selection of flush mount fans offer the best of both worlds in terms of cooling and lighting, and they also can spruce up a room’s appearance with their wide variety of stylish designs. Del Mar Designs ample arsenal of hugger fans with lights ensures that you will not be limited whatsoever during your shopping experience as you search for the ideal fan.

Flush mount ceiling fans with lights differ the most from other fan categories due to their design. The fact that they can be installed without the need for a downrod makes them ideal in tight situations where other conventional fans will not suffice. This is what separates hugger fans with lights from the rest of the crowd, and we have just the right inventory to help you find exactly what you need. The numerous ceiling flush mount fans in our catalog differ in color, finish, number of blades, decoration, and more, so you will surely find the right match to fit your targeted area’s décor.

Shopping our inventory for low-profile ceiling fans with lights is simple, due to our user-friendly interface. Couple that with our multiple years of expertise and experience in the fan and lighting fields, and you can gain some much-needed peace of mind on your quest for the perfect hugger ceiling fan with lights. To give you added assurance, take a look at the numerous customer testimonials listed on the site that back up this claim.

As you shop for hugger fans with lights through Del Mar Designs, a few factors should be considered before making your purchase. The most important factor is the fan size. We sell flush mount ceiling fans with lights that range from 42 inches in size to 60 inches in size to accommodate rooms of all types. Choose 44 ceiling fans for your guest bedroom, home office or study. To get the fan that is the right fit for your needs, calculate the square footage of your room by measuring its length and width. You can then compare your number to the one listed on the fan’s product page to confirm that it will supply the proper performance you desire. Other factors to consider when shopping for hugger fans with lights include lighting and accessories, such as remote controls. Luckily, we have plenty of such fans in its catalog.

When searching for the perfect fan or lighting product for your home or office needs, you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible solution for your hard-earned money. With its enormous selection of top quality fan and lighting products, superb customer service, and timely delivery and return policies, there is little doubt that Del Mar Designs is the right solution. Our vast catalog of highly regarded fan and lighting products spans across a wide range of categories.

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