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Large industrial style ceiling fans, like those from Hunter, are built with a design to help circulate air over large open areas. The high performance and simplicity of commercial ceiling fans make them perfect for a warehouse or any industrial area. Large industrial style ceiling fans will help cool off or warm up bigger spaces to make the environment more comfortable for workers.
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Ceiling Fans Designed to Cool Your Commercial Space

Ceiling fans can make the heating and cooling system of any structure more efficient and cost-effective. This is true even of warehouses, large stores, and other industrial buildings, even though people usually associate commercial ceiling fans only with the home. Of course, commercial ceiling fans designed for industrial use will be somewhat different from those ceiling fans that are fit for a home or office. Industrial ceiling fans are those ceiling fans designed specifically for large-scale industrial uses.

Warehouse ceiling fans and garage ceiling fans are just two of the many commercial grade ceiling fans that fall into the industrial ceiling fans category. These industrial ceiling fans are larger than the normal domestic ceiling fans used in most homes and small offices. An industrial fan's large size allows it to circulate more air in a larger amount of space, keeping temperatures comfortable for customers in a store, autoworkers in a garage, warehouse employees, and many others.

Even though an industrial style ceiling fan is designed for industrial applications, it does not necessarily have to have a cold, industrial-type appearance. There are industrial ceiling fans available in several colors and styles, which is particularly beneficial for companies that need to use industrial ceiling fans in areas frequented by the public. Industrial and warehouse style ceiling fans may not need to look too fancy, but store owners appreciate industrial fans that improve a company’s décor and make the shopping experience more inviting for their customers.

At Del Mar Fans & Lighting, we have sold industrial ceiling fans for many years and we have the experience necessary to help any business find the right commercial grade ceiling fans for their needs. Whether the purchasing company is large or small, we have an industrial ceiling fan available to meet their business’ specific needs. Contact us today for more information on our industrial ceiling fans. We are happy to help you find the perfect fan.

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