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Kids' Ceiling Fans to Match Children’s Décor

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Does your child’s room need air circulation from a fixture with airplane propellers? Kids' ceiling fans, and baby room ceiling fans, have many unique, rainbow colored overhead accessories to match the youngster’s existing décor. The modern technology and style from great manufacturers like Hunter helps light up the walls while cooling large uncomfortable areas. Kids' ceiling fans will help provide a personal space for children within your home.

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Craftmade Bloom ceiling fan with pink and white petal-like blades.Unique Baby Room Ceiling Fans for Boys and Girls

Kids' ceiling fans come in many different designs and styles for boys and girls. Baby room ceiling fans can come rainbow colored or resemble airplane propellers, it just depends on the wall décor you are trying to match. Hunter fans is a modern company that offers an interesting choice for a child’s ceiling as well as the rest of your home. Baby room ceiling fans can also come with lights to brighten and circulate air around the room.

A child’s room should be a comfortable, but efficient space where he or she can read, play, and sleep. A child’s ceiling fan should help keep children comfy throughout the day and add an imaginative, whimsical touch to the room. Select a kid’s fan that reflects personality. Our selection of fans for kids is ideal for tasks like reading and writing.

Children, much like adults, enjoy a room that is comfortable and an expression of their personalities. Kids' ceiling fans keep children comfortable year-round as the play with siblings or friends in a playroom, draw or color during a rainy day, or watch movies during a weekend sleepover. These ceiling fans add a playful touch by creating a rare design element that reflects the kid’s interests or hobbies.

See the Craftmade Bloom fan with five multicolored, petal-like blades for young girls and tweens, or our selection of aviation-themed ceiling fans are ideal for young boys. Children's fans are available in variety of designs for boys and girls of all ages. For those still kids at heart, we have ceiling fans for you too. Another great ceiling fan is the Craftmade Mia ceiling fan collection.

Benefits of Children's Ceiling Fans

  • Health and Wellness - A kid’s fan circulates air to increase airflow and improve air quality, which is beneficial to a child’s health. In addition, a ceiling fan cools down a child after an active day and helps to prevent over exhaustion.
  • Energy and Savings - Using ceiling fans regularly can reduce an average electric bill up to 40% off during the summer and 10% off during the winter. Parents with kids prone to leaving the fan or lights on when leaving the room can save with Energy Star-rated ceiling fans for kids, which are 70% more efficient than traditional fans. Look for the Energy Star logo on the packaging.
  • Fun and Expressive - A kid’s fan is a great way to display a child’s favorite hobby, game, or color. Children’s ceiling fans are fun and functional approach to ventilating and decorating a room.

There are many benefits for installing overhead fixtures in every room of your house. Ceiling fans will provide a cooling effect while adding great design to your room. Different styles and finishes are available for every color and décor that is in your house. Unique ceiling fans for your home are full of crazy features and novelty creations to amplify uncommon themes.

If you are looking for a specific design to fit a theme, we can help you with our wide range of specialty fans. Ceiling fans with airplane propellers will fit into a room with Army, Navy, military or even a general airport style layout. There are resources available to help you decide how to make the best purchase. If you are not sure which fan to buy, check the best fan types for a home.