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Have you been searching for a decorative fixture that can provide an beautiful centerpiece? Mission style ceiling fans, also overhead craftsman fixtures, create a warm and inviting atmosphere to any room with its design defined by strong geometric elements, stained glass, and dark finishes. They feature many accent pieces that are sure to strike up a conversation while matching the wall décor. Mission style ceiling fans provide a cool breeze to your outdoor space, and low profile ceiling fans are ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

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Overhead Craftsman Fixtures as a Room Centerpiece

The Mission style ceiling fans make an attempt to capture the American Arts and Crafts movement’s original inspiration. Besides geometric design, Overhead craftsman fixtures reveal elements like natural finishes and genuine art glass. These fans incorporate simplicity, materials, and design to uphold the quality in a fascinating manner for your visiting family and friends. Overhead craftsman fixtures pieces are designed in a functional manner and involve the use of only organic materials, wood colors, and dark bronze tones in which the elegant ceiling fans are available.

Usually they are made up of four or five cherry or beech wood finish blades, a 12 degree blade pitch and a 153x18 size motor, dual mounting hanging system and 3 down-rods. On the highest speed setting, a mission ceiling fan generally uses 100 watts or less than that. When they have kits to add lighting, they use slightly more energy than normal. Manufacturers, like Casablanca and Minka Aire, allow for maximum air flow when it is installed 10 to 12 inches under the ceiling and 7 to 9 feet above the floor.

There are a variety of styles and types and mounting options available to ensure perfect placement in any room. Take a look through the ceiling fans to see which option is best for you. In some rooms it might be better to utilize different mounting options to optimize the space. Wall mount fans allow air circulation with ceilings that are too low for standard fans or to help free up electrical locations for lighting.

The finish is sometimes the most important factor when choosing a fixture. Bronze ceiling fans are a common choice amongst home owners for their color and the simplicity of installation. There are plenty of fan options available to ensure the perfect choice for any décor. We want to welcome you to read about the best types of fans for your home to help you make an educated purchase.