Nautical Ceiling Fans for Modern Coastal Styled Homes

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  •  f582 rainman ceiling fan
    More Options >> 54" Rainman, Wet
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $704.93 Our Price: $469.95
  •  13525 galveston ceiling fan
    More Options >> 52" Galveston Patio with CFL Light, UL Wet
    by Quorum
    List: $648.00

    Regular Price: $432.00

    Sale Price: $394.00

  •  139525 marsden patio ceiling fan
    More Options >> 52" Marsden Patio, UL Wet
    by Quorum
    List: $552.00 Our Price: $368.00
  •  lafayette lafayette ceiling fan
    More Options >> 52" Lafayette with CFL Light, UL Wet
    by Westinghouse
    List: $238.86 Our Price: $159.24
  •  quorum-portico-1 portico ceiling fan
    More Options >> 60" Portico CFL, Wet
    by Quorum
    List: $819.00

    Regular Price: $546.00

    Sale Price: $534.00

  •  144525-86 portside patio ceiling fan
    52" Portside Patio, UL Wet
    by Quorum
    List: $531.00 Our Price: $354.00
  •  7861965 oasis ceiling fan
    48" Oasis, UL Wet
    by Westinghouse
    List: $236.40 Our Price: $157.60
  •  quorum-galveston-1 galveston ceiling fan
    More Options >> 52" Galveston CFL
    by Quorum
    List: $573.00 Our Price: $382.00
  •  7800000 brentford ceiling fan
    52" Brentford, ETL Wet
    by Westinghouse
    List: $389.13 Our Price: $259.42
  •  casablanca-caneel-bay-1 caneel bay ceiling fan
    More Options >> 56" Caneel Bay LED, Damp
    by Casablanca
    List: $763.50 Our Price: $509.00
  •  minka-aire-groton-1 groton ceiling fan
    More Options >> 56" Groton, Wet
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $689.93 Our Price: $459.95
  •  52-624-5cn-13 hyannis ceiling fan
    52" Hyannis, UL Damp
    by Savoy House
    List: $717.00 Our Price: $478.00
  •  mr56agv4c1 morrow bay ceiling fan
    56" Morrow Bay Wet
    by Craftmade
    List: $459.00 Our Price: $306.00
  •  minka-aire-shade-1 shade ceiling fan
    More Options >> 56" Shade LED, Wet
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $719.93 Our Price: $479.95
  •  ellington-lavalhugger-1 laval ceiling fan
    More Options >> Laval Hugger with CFL Light
    by Ellington
    List: $329.45 Our Price: $240.00
  •  fp7963rs kaya ceiling fan
    52" Kaya, UL Wet
    by Fanimation
    List: $419.97 Our Price: $279.98
  •  310131ni seaside ceiling fan
    54" Seaside CFL, Wet
    by Kichler
    List: $674.99 Our Price: $449.99

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17 Item(s)

Have you been on a search for an overhead fixture to bring the coastal décor into your house? Nautical ceiling fans, and lantern style fans, feature an authentic seaside getaway aesthetic complete with sailcloth features. Design your own oceanic room complete with beach tones and blades that resemble leaves. Nautical ceiling fans complement any décor, even in spaces with low ceilings or even an outdoor patio.

Lantern Style Fans with Overhead Coastal Blades

Nautical ceiling fans are such an innovation that people of all ages, including families love to include in their decorating scheme. Lantern style fans are available throughout the market today and include a host of trendy fixtures which boosts your room decor. To cater to the various needs of the customers, manufacturers are eagerly coming up with latest styles. Lantern style fans provide a selection of nautical fans in a variety of finishes that are quite popular.

The high quality motor power and the big blades of these fans create great air circulation in indoor or outdoor locations. The special fans have a special feature to control temperature according to the need of the user. In the summer, when you need a breeze indoors, just set the speed to your preference and enjoy the airflow. When you need warm air in winter, switch the direction of your ceiling fan. The fans can also include modern lighting to add illumination for a comfortable feeling. In order to have the perfect naval feel in the room, the gorgeous sailor ceiling fans with its accessories, like light kits, is a great accent for any contemporary or rustic room. These are great as electricity savers and many have lifetime warranty on the modern motors.

Decorating around your overhead coastline accessories can take your room to another level. With lights, seashells, lighthouse or anchor placed at proper distance from the fans you will create a maritime effect in the room. A fan is a perfect addition for any marine themed room and is a great functional and artistic addition with lighting. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a clean beachy theme or a rustic old wood ship theme, you are sure to find the perfect fixture to fit your personal taste.

Outdoor nautical ceiling fans can make your outdoor space much more comfortable and relaxing. If you enjoy being outside, it may be time to consider investing in an outdoor ceiling fan. If you do a lot outdoor entertaining, a wet or damp rated ceiling fan will make your guests feel more comfortable by providing them with a constant cool breeze. Pair an outdoor nautical ceiling fan with some festive outdoor nautical lights and turn your outdoor space into a place people enjoy gathering.

There are many other designs available to match with your favorite room décor. Ceiling fans come in different sizes, finishes, and features to ensure the perfect fit for your needs. An element that is commonly added to an overhead fan is light kits. Ceiling fans with lights combine the air circulating ability with the option of illuminating a dark room.

Most of the common fan styles are available in wet and damp rated versions as well as configurations. Outdoor ceiling fans are UL Listed and approved for locations that comes in direct or indirect contact with water. There are plenty of other styles available to ensure your living room gets the finishing touch it needs. Deciding the best fan type for your home depends on a number of factors that this article outlines for your ease and comfort.