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Novelty fans augment any room with a special element that enhances the look and feel of a room’s motif. With designs ranging from warplanes, pinwheels, and sports themes, these fans are sure to add a pop to any room. Our large selection of ceiling fans features one for every style of décor, including outdoor ceiling fans that make your patio pleasantly cool and refreshing. 

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Ceiling Fans with Novelty Themes for the Home

When it comes to decorating and personalizing a home’s décor, one of the things that buyers spend a lot of money on is their lighting projects. Besides table lamps, floor lamps and iridescent lighting, buyers are turning to novelty fans as part of their lighting system as they personalize their homes.

What are novelty ceiling fans? A novelty fan may get its creation from sports, holidays, cartoons and even modern day technology. A novelty ceiling fan has many objectives because they come in many designs that are unique to any room. For instance, in a child’s room novelty ceiling fans could consist of their favorite cartoon character. A aeronautical fanatic may have airplane ceiling fans that represents his or her favorite aircraft in the family room, and a teenager may enjoy a novelty fan that has a disco ball attached to it if they are into that time period of John Travolta. In the kitchen, a novelty fan can give the flare of a cozy country kitchen. When purchasing novelty ceiling fans, keep in mind that not only do you consider the design, but you must also take into consideration the size and width of the blades and any attachments of decorations and ornaments.

When decorating with novelty ceiling fans, there are many styles to choose from. Your options for ceiling fan blades may include bamboo, wood and metals. Blades can also be reversible as well as removable, which makes for easy cleaning. Having a novelty ceiling fan installed not only makes for a great decorative piece of furniture, it becomes a conversational piece showing off your style and taste, putting the final touch on your home’s décor, giving both light and a wisp of air.