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Beige often gets a bad reputation for being safe, but an off-white fan in a beige, cream, or eggshell finish can be an exciting addition to a home. Ivory ceiling fans are available in a range of sizes, styles, and creamy finishes to complement many home designs. Off-white bedroom ceiling fans with lights makes a functional design statement against a neutral or bold palette.
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For a Beige or Sand Color Fan, Choose Off-White Ceiling Fans

Though it might seem rather ordinary, white remains a popular color for home and business decor. Because white can be used as a paint color, carpet hue, or for room furniture and accessories, manufacturers have not hesitated to make products using white and its various shades, including off-white, ivory, and cream. There are even off-white ceiling fans that can be placed in any room imaginable. An cream colored 44 hugger ceiling fans is perfect for rooms with low profiles or dropped ceilings.

Ivory ceiling fans are often marketed as being made in the color off-white, but many shades and hues actually make up the broader beige color spectrum. Cream ceiling fans and ivory ceiling fans, therefore, are also very popular choices for those who want simple but elegant fans for one or more rooms. After all, if the color white is good enough for the famous W House in Washington, D.C., then it is certainly good enough to be used for off-white ceiling fans in ordinary homes across the nation.

When homeowners are thinking about purchasing one or more ceiling fans, these can only be chosen if they like the way the color will look with the rest of the room’s décor. Comparing a paint sample from the walls in the destination room for the off-white ceiling fan is probably the best way to do this. Just hold the paint sample next to the image of the ivory ceiling fan or other off-white ceiling fan, and it should be easy to see whether one of the many different beige ceiling fans is the right choice for the room in question.

These ceiling fans are beautiful, but consumers should be aware that light colored fans will show dust more easily than darker colors. This is not really a drawback, it is just something to be aware of when cream ceiling fans are purchased. After these fans are installed, they should be dusted as often as the rest of the room is cleaned. That ensures that off-white ceiling fans stay beautiful and looking like new for a long time.