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Add a playful touch of color to your home with a colorful ceiling fan. Primary colored ceiling fans accessorize and provide a room with effective ventilation. The Craftmade Warplane ceiling fan offers a selection of whimsical plane inspired ceiling fans with primary finishes that deliver exceptional performance. These colorful ceiling fans come in an assortment of sizes and designs.
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Add Excitement with a Colorful Ceiling Fan

In grammar school, everyone learns the three primary colors — red, blue, and yellow — that can be mixed together to form every other color of the spectrum. These bold, bright hues have a wide variety of uses in science, video technology, and other areas, but homeowners especially appreciate their versatility when used in home decor. To make a room both functional and beautiful, choose a colorful ceiling fan that makes a room stand out.

Colorful ceiling fans are one of the best ways to add a pop of color to any decorating scheme. For instance, a room with gray walls might seem relaxing, yet it will be somewhat drab without the addition of color. Colorful ceiling fans will look spectacular in any room in the home, but many homeowners choose them when for a nursery or room for young children. In addition to the basic primary color fans mentioned above, you may also want to choose fans that are available in secondary colors derived from mixing the primary colors together. Or, paint a ceiling fan with the colors of your choosing.

Homeowners and decorators who cannot decide on one color should also know that there are ceiling fans available that have a multitude of hues. There are some primary color fans, for example, that look like a rainbow because they are colored with all the primary colors. Whatever color is selected, however, a colorful ceiling fan is sure to make your home beautiful.





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