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Are you tired of getting up off the couch and pulling a chain to change the blade speed or light dimming on your overhead fixture? Ceiling fans with remotes, and other remote control ceiling fans, will solve your problem by including a device to change how much air will be circulated at a push of a button. Many of the manufacturers like Kichler, Hunter, Emerson, and Casablanca have their own gadgets that sometimes allow the attached lighting to be controlled also. Ceiling fans with remotes will help create the everlasting relaxation that everybody dreams to create in their living room for family and friends.

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Hand-Held Remote Control Ceiling Fans Are Convenient

Ceiling fans with remote controls operate similarly to many televisions with wireless channel-changers. Remote control ceiling fans create an environment where a single wireless accessory allows home owners to adjust the fan speed, the direction in which the blades rotate, and the degree of lighting. The hand-held devices have gained popularity and manufacturers, like Hunter, Casablanca, and Minka Aire, include the gadgets as a standard fan component. Some companies provide wireless accessories that offer advanced settings like automatically dimming lights and adjusting rotation speed after a certain time frame. Remote control ceiling fans are available in a range of styles and finishes, like bronze, chrome, and brushed nickel, for indoor and outdoor applications.

When you install remote controlled ceiling fans, the signal receiver must be wired into the fan canopy. However, this added step is not any more difficult than the existing wiring process to connect the fixture to the electrical grid. Home owners should confirm they have the appropriate batteries inserted to power the specialty remotes. Once the remote is powered, they should test the speed, reverse, and light kit dimming functions.

3 Helpful Tips for Your Ceiling Fan with Remotes

  • Why create a unique frequency code? Don’t end up with a rogue fixture that leaves you trying to perform an exorcism on your possessed appliance. Factory settings for wireless frequencies can be the same for multiple ceiling fan remotes. This means other remotes on that frequency can control your device. Changing your remote control frequency will help in case your neighbor decides to get the same fixture or you want to add another one to your home.
  • What do you do if you lose your remote? It happens, sometimes wireless remotes get lost. It can be frustrating looking for a replacement but it’s actually a lot easier than you may think. Sometimes it’s as simple as contacting the manufacturer, other times you will need to buy a universal remote for ceiling fans with a light kit attached then set the frequency to match your fixture.
  • How to clean your remote? It’s easy to keep your ceiling fan’s remote control away from nasty germs. Pour everyday rubbing alcohol on a towel to make it damp (not soaked, wring it out if you need to.) Gently rub the buttons and entire remote with towel. You can use Q-Tips on the buttons for an extra clean. Be careful not to knock or shift the buttons. Try to keep your remote covered when not in use so dust particles can’t get to it.

Be sure to research and find the best remote controlled ceiling fans to match your room size and décor. Hunter ceiling fans with remotes always provides top-quality parts manufacturing while adding the luxurious option of using a wireless device to change the fan settings. The ease and comfort that comes from the ability to speed up or slow down the RPM of your overhead fixture needs to be experienced. Try ceiling fans with reverse controls included to create a simple, comfortable environment for all of your friends, family, and visitors that match any décor with finishes like brushed nickel, bronze, black, white, and brown.

Mid-sized 52 inch to 60 inch ceiling fans with remote controls deliver comfort and convenience to any room in your home. Remote controlled 52 inch to 60 inch fans are available in variety of styles and finishes to complement many home decors. The fans are suitable for rooms ranging in size from 150 square feet to 300 square feet, and are ideal for individuals who cannot reach the fan to make adjustments. You can customize a new 52 inch fan with remote control by adding accessories like light kits.

Many controls will adjust the brightness of lights as well as the speed. Ceiling fans with a light kit included will help provide illumination to your liking while also circulating cool air. The biggest deciding factor when choosing the best fixture for your space comes with the dimensions. Measure the length, width, and height of your indoor space or outdoor area to choose the best overhead accessory for you to install the correct size ceiling fan.

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