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You will no longer have to climb a ladder to reverse your ceiling fan direction for cooling. With reverse from control ceiling fans, you can change the direction of your fan for summer or winter with a touch of a button. Are you ready for control at your fingertips? Take advantage of free shipping and purchase one today!

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How to Use Reverse from Control Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans underwent significant technical advances during the 1970’s and 1980’s that allowed homeowners to modify speed, light and direction settings using a remote control. Reverse from control ceiling fans permit users to change the ceiling fan’s blades rotation during the summer and winter seasons using a remote control. A reverse from control fan is helpful to residents with fans installed in hard to reach spaces. Reversible ceiling fans with lights with the option to change lighting and direction are beneficial to residents who are no longer able to climb ladders or step stools. Try Hunter fans with remote these fans will give you all of the features talked about above.

During the summer, use the forward button to run the ceiling fan blades in a counter-clockwise direction to produce a wind chill effect. This refreshing breeze makes users feel six to eight cooler without altering the temperature in a room or living space. Residents can then raise the thermostat setting a few degrees to reduce energy consumption without forfeiting comfort.

During the winter, use the reverse button to operate the blades in a clockwise direction to disperse warm air that naturally rises to the top of the ceiling back down to the floor. However, it is important that the fan be on the lowest speed setting to prevent an unwanted wind chill effect. Homeowners can then lower the thermostat setting to minimize energy use without squandering heating.

Advantages to Using Reverse from Control Ceiling Fans

Residents using a reversible fan can expect year-around comfort and savings. Reverse from the control ceiling fans assist homeowners in saving up 40% on cooling related costs during the summertime and 15% on heating related costs during the wintertime. Some users have reported annual savings of $500. However, this depends on the location, cost of energy, and the residence’s condition.

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