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Are you looking to envelop your home with the old-world charm of Italy? Spanish style ceiling fans, and wrought iron overhead fans, feature rustic and Tuscan designs with many finishes like black, brass, and bronze for any room in your home. Add air circulation and lights to any indoor or outdoor space around your house with an attractive fixture. Spanish style ceiling fans will create a cool breeze and add light to the outside areas.

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How To Size Your Ceiling Fan
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Cast Iron & Wrought Iron Overhead Fans

Spanish style ceiling fans can be used outdoors, but cast iron options are suggested for longevity. Wrought iron overhead fans are also available for indoor Tuscan designed rooms that require a black or darker rustic accessory to complete. Don’t be concerned if your room is also dark, there are many light kits offered with custom steel frames to match the fixtures motor housing. Wrought iron overhead fans will, without a doubt, brighten and cool any room inside or outside your home sufficiently.

There is a wide variety of accessories that will circulate air around your room. Ceiling fans are offered in all sizes, styles, and finishes. There are a number of regulations that qualify certain models, types, and blade designs to be approved for various locations. Outdoor ceiling fans have all passed a qualification that allows them to be installed in damp and wet locations, depending on their rating.

Deciding which type of accessory to install can be a difficult decision, but there are a few definite things that can help. Ceiling fans with lights should be used for a dark room that also needs air circulation and cooling. There are many tips and tricks to help decide on the perfect accessory for your house. Reading more about the best types of ceiling fans for your home will help ensure you make the best decision.

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