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Envelop your home with the old-world charm of rustic Italy with a Tuscan ceiling fan. Low profile ceiling fans with lights also come in a Tuscan finish for rooms with low ceilings.  Add air circulation to any space in your home with an attractive ceiling fan, or add a cool breeze to the outside of your home with an outdoor ceiling fan.

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Mediterranean Homes Cool Off with Tuscan Style Ceiling Fans

You are transported to a charming little Tuscan village as the cool breeze from your Tuscan ceiling fans caresses your face. Italian inspired, a Tuscan ceiling fan is created using genuine Tuscan coating and iron crafted specifications. Earth colors in muted tones are prevalent hues in Tuscan decoration. Unlike other a Tuscan ceiling fan, they do not use bright silver materials or polished brass which is also evident in its fan blades. Even its accompanying light kits have dull frosted glass or glass in tea colors or tinted in champagne. Tuscan Casablanca outdoor fans feature ornate scroll work, decorative blade holders, and a Tuscan patina.

Choosing the best design in Tuscan ceiling fans is an essential consideration in your choice of purchase but you have to consider other factors too.

  1. Size of the room
  2. Location of the room 
  3. Height of the ceiling 
  4. Convenient features

If it is an indoor room, any kind of Tuscan ceiling fan will do. Outdoor rooms or open-sided rooms which expose ceiling fans to the elements require a damp-rated fan. Use wet-rated fans when ceiling fans are open to rain and high humidity. When the ceiling is high, you have to use a downrod for installation. Convenience is the last factor under consideration when choosing Tuscan ceiling fans. These include: reversible blades, reversible blade direction and light kits.  

Sizes of the Tuscan ceiling fans, Spanish ceiling fans or Mediterranean ceiling fans range from 24 inches to 60 inches. This size is measured from the fan blade tip to blade tip. It follows that the larger the room, the more power is needed by Tuscan ceiling fans to circulate air efficiently. Very large rooms, with measurement of 225 square feet must be installed with two small or medium ceiling fans spaced out, as opposed to one centrally placed large fan.

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