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Wall mounted fans are the perfect solution for a room in your home with limited space. These smaller, compact fans provide the ideal amount of cooling for smaller spaces. Wall-mount fans provide comfortable cooling in smaller spaces where traditional ceiling fans are too big. Browse our selection of outdoor ceiling fans to find the perfect fan for your patio or outdoor space.

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Why Should You Purchase a Wall Mounted Fan?

Save space with a wall mounted fan. These fans won’t take up room on your floors, end tables or desks, and most have head tilts and oscillation on/off options. Choose a brand like Craftmade fans for your wall mounted fan. These powerful cooling units are great for most living areas, and since wall mounted fans use less energy than a traditional air conditioner you save on your energy costs. See more information about why you should consider purchasing a wall mounted fan below.

How it works: Wall fans create low pressure airflow with low volume, which is ideal for climate control and you and your family’s personal comfort. Your new wall fan will be very easy to operate. Some come with pull chains, while others have wall controls.

How to install: Wall mounted fans are easy to install, all you have to do is screw the fixture to the wall. Free-standing wall fans, not mounted, but installed directly into a wall, must be attached at 18 inches from the actual wall. Place all other fans between 10 to 12 inches below ceiling for proper air circulation.

Benefits: As already mentioned, one benefit of fans wall mount is the space saving design. Another is its function of providing both ventilation and cooling effect. In homes, circulating air from the wall mounted fans can blow off airborne viruses that could impair the physical wellness of your family. It will also save you on your energy costs.