For climates that get cold at night and need a little warmth added to a room, ceiling heaters are just the right thing to take the chill out of the air. A ceiling fan with heater is a safe way to help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Hunter ceiling fans makes great ceiling fan heaters. These versatile fans can be used year round which will help save money on your electric bill.

Heat Your Home with Ceiling Fans that have Heaters

This tall order is easily done by ceiling heaters for surely you never associated ceiling fans as functional during cold weather.

Ceiling fans are one of the most common appliances found in your homes; however, you can consider ceiling fan with heater a much better application. This versatile device has a light fan assembly equipped with a built-in heating system that you can either operate manually or through a remote control where you do not even need to touch a wall switch. It is great in fulfilling its dual functions of cooling the room during warm weather and warming the room during winter. As heat rises, its duct system efficiently carries heating energy creating heat even in the rooms that are not being used.

You might have observed that in a 2-floor house, the second story has a monopoly of the warm air while the ground floor is cold because it is the last receiver of the heat. In other types of fans, the thermostat does not distribute temperature evenly for they normally consume more amount of electric energy as heat is likely to stay up in the ceiling. Using heater ceiling fans can correct this defect for it can adequately provide warmth in your garage, porches and verandas.

Here’s how it operates: In cold weather, hot air travels downwards, reheated and gives an even temperature. In winter time, hot air is pushed down, reheated, and results in an even temperature. Hot air goes upward and then down the walls, across the floor, and then again is pushed downwards to be reheated. Ceiling fans heater saves up to 40% on air conditioning costs.

You have the option to choose from among a variety of ceiling fan heaters and there are some fans whose blades are reversible to complement your décor. Enjoy the energy efficiency and versatility of heater ceiling fans, which heats an entire room during winter and gives off cool air during summer. Visit to view ceiling fans heater and order online.