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Combine the comfort of a traditional fan and the necessity of lighting into a single fixture, by purchasing a ceiling fan with lighting. Ceiling fans with lights effortlessly illuminate and ventilate a room simultaneously. Select a Hunter fan with light and remote control for convenience. We offer ceiling fans with integrated lighting in an assortment of sizes, designs and finishes.

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Illuminate and Air Your Home with a Ceiling Fan with Lights


Residents often question whether to install a ceiling fan or a light fixture in a room, which one is more valuable? Ceiling fans with lights merge the need for ventilation and illumination into a single fixture, reducing the number of electronic appliances and cable clutter. Like a standard ceiling fan, a ceiling fan with lights moves air around a room or space to produce a refreshing breeze while providing functional general or task lighting. Ceiling fan manufacturers offer a variety of units that are practical in a home, office or business. Kitchen ceiling fans with lights are suitable for kitchens and breakfast nooks while bath fans with lights are suitable for aerating damp baths and preventing mold. Energy Star-rated ceiling fans with lights are 50 percent more efficient than conventional ceiling fan and light units. Outdoor ceiling fans with lights are ideal for spending more tiime on your lanai, patio, or porch.


Sizes, Styles and Finishes of Ceiling Fans with Lights


Companies like Companies like Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights offer a range of fans with lights in stylish designs and finishes.


  • Flush Mount Ceiling Fans with Lights - Also known as hugger or low profile ceiling fans, flush mount fans are installed directly onto a ceiling that is less than eight feet in height. Homeowners with low profile or dropped ceiling may find a flush mount fan with lighting ideal as these fans meet the blade to floor clearance required by the National Electric Code while providing the advantage of lighting.
  • Remote Control Ceiling Fans with Lights - These lighted fans allow homeowners to effortlessly adjust fan speed, lighting, and blade direction with a convenient remote control. These fans are ideal for mounting on hard-to-reach areas like inclined or slated ceilings.
  • Modern Ceiling Fans with Lights - These lighted fans provide forward-thinking silhouettes and smooth, polished metal finishes. Contemporary fans with lights look best in streamlined living spaces.
  • Rustic Ceiling Fans with Lights - Also known as lodge ceiling fans, these fans offer earth toned hues, hand-crafted metal accents, and warm lighting. These fans are perfect for a cabin retreat in the mountains.
  • Black Ceiling Fans with Lights - These lighted fans offer functional general and task lighting in a classic finish that blends easily into any existing décor in bedroom or living room.
  • Small Ceiling Fans with Lighting - These petite 42 ceiling fans are ideal for effectively illuminating and ventilating areas with 110 square feet or less.

Once you have selected a ceiling fan with lighting that is appropriate for the location, size and style of the area, install the fan using the instructions enclosed. After installing and wiring the fan with lighting, run the fan at the highest speed to confirm the fan does not shake or wobble. A loose light kit is a common cause of wobbly fans. We offer a varied selection of lighted fans to match any existing décor. Ceiling fans with lights are useful way to ventilate and illuminate any room or living area.

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