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Create a nice cool breeze on those hot summer days for your child. Kids ceiling fans with lights serve the dual purpose of being fashionable and stylish, while keeping your loved ones refreshed. We offer both boys ceiling fans with lights (check out airplane ceiling fans with lights) and girls ceiling fans with lights. Don't forget about our free shipping.
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How To Size Your Ceiling Fan
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Ideas for Designs and Your Kid’s Fan with Light Could

It doesn’t matter if you’re just redecorating your child’s room or starting from scratch, like creating the perfect nursery for your baby, we have the child’s ceiling fans you need. We have fans for kids of all ages. Give your baby, child or teen the room of their dreams with this “how to” guide on kids ceiling fans.

Bloom ceiling fan pink by Craftmade

Baby. For your babies nursery you want to keep with mellow colors (greens are great for learning environments and blues are very calming) and lighting schemes that will help calm your child. The Craftmade Warplanes Sopw/Camel, a green, brown and white fan is great for a nursery. The single 50 watt halogen light will help keep the environment calming.

Young Child. Bright, exciting colors such as pinks, reds, yellows and oranges are all great to add to children’s rooms. Try an accent wall if you don’t want to fully commit to one color. Create designs with your color accents and child’s furniture. A Craftmade fan could be just the ticket for these ages. These kid’s ceiling fans with light accommodate anything from a love of science to a passion for various sports

Teenager. Since teens know best the colors and moods they like in their room, your best bet would be to ask them to help you pick designs and color patterns. It can be a fun parent/child project. For a teenage girl the Craftmade Bloom is a beautiful unique ceiling fan.