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In the 15th century, chandelier lighting was a symbol of luxury and status only the wealthy could afford. Today, chandeliers are used all over the world and still invoke a sense of luxury while remaining affordable to many homeowners. We offer a vast selection of light fixtures in a diverse assortment of designs to complement your new chandelier and your home's décor.

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What is the Right Size Chandelier?

A chandelier adds ambiance, style, and general lighting to a room, but selecting the right chandelier can be tricky. A small chandelier can get lost in a large space and fail to deliver a strong design element, while a large chandelier can overwhelm a small space. The right size chandelier is proportional to the height and width of the room.

What’s Your Chandelier Style?

Contemporary Chandeliers- feature clean designs, smooth finishes, and subtle patterns to complement many home décors.
Modern Chandeliers- offer sleek designs, smooth finishes, and clean lines to complement modern and transitional home décors.
Antique Chandeliers- encompass timeless designs, ornamental patterns, and polished finishes that work together to produce old-school charm.

Decorative Wooden Branch Bathroom Chandelier
Modern Dining Room Chandelier

Best Chandelier Type for Your Home

Over the years, chandeliers have transformed from plain candle holders to modern candle chandeliers, brilliant crystal chandeliers, luminous glass chandeliers, and chic chandeliers with shades. However, the best chandelier type for your home is one that acts as a direct representation of your personal style and taste.

What Chandelier Finish Looks Best?

Satin Nickel Chandeliers- have a metal finish with a matte sheen, which removes the shine off the normally shiny metal.
Bronze Chandeliers- feature finishes such as antique bronze, copper bronze, oil rubbed bronze, and Venetian bronze to complement many home décors.
Brass Chandeliers- offer classic brass finishes, vintage designs, and charming patterns to complement elegant home décor.

Update the Style in Your Home with a Timeless Chandelier

The word “chandelier” originates from the French word “chandelle” literally meaning, “candle holder.” However, today chandeliers are significantly better than just candleholders. With reputable manufacturers designing chandeliers in more shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes than ever before, these ornate light fixtures have continuously evolved and vastly improved over the years. The large variety of available chandeliers ensures that you will find the best chandelier to display in your home. Selecting a chandelier isn’t just about finding an attractive light fixture; it's about broadcasting your personal style to friends and family members.

Hanging a chandelier in your home is a decorative way to allow your personality to shine through design. If you’re a fan of the classics, install a large antique candle chandelier in copper or black in your foyer where friends and family will take notice. For a chic and streamlined living room, a contemporary crystal chandelier in brushed nickel or polished chrome will enhance a sleek and modern décor scheme. Accessorize your log cabin retreat by installing a rustic glass chandelier in forged iron or rubbed bronze in your kitchen. Escape into a tropical island paradise by hanging a tropical brass finished chandelier with shades in your bathroom.

Chandeliers create ambient lighting that is ideal for basking rooms in a soft glow, making it easy to perform simple tasks without subjecting you to a harsh glare. Set the mood in your dining room by hanging a well-proportioned chandelier above your dining room table. Alternatively, consider enlivening your kitchen by installing a radiant LED chandelier above your kitchen island, bar, or eating nook. In addition to being stylish and functional light fixtures, chandeliers also double as great conversation pieces. A gallant chandelier hung in your foyer will have guests discussing your chandelier with admiration for many years to come.

Chandeliers are an excellent choice for homeowners desiring a timeless light fixture. At Del Mar Fans & Lighting, we offer a vast array of beautifully crafted, high-quality chandeliers from trusted manufacturers.

Last edited on 07/20/15 by Marjorie Simonetti