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Add a chandelier with 5 lights to add light and style to a room in your home today. These chic 5 light chandeliers are beautifully designed to make an outlasting statement in any room of your home. Choose from a wide variety of shape, sizes, and styles to complement your personal style.

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Choose 5 Lights on Your Chandelier Lighting

Chandeliers used to be a status symbol of the rich and the powerful. Today, this exquisite lighting fixture is still a symbol of luxury but is now more accessible and can be found in many homes and offices. A chandelier is a branched ornate ceiling-mounted light fixture with two or more arms with lights. It is elaborately decorated, holding several lamps with many rows of crystal prisms to lighten a room with its refracted light. Chandeliers are available in different styles, designs, materials, and number of bulbs.

5 light chandeliers can greatly enhance the interior theme of a home. This lighting device features five light bulbs that are generally arranged in a tier. Some designs have double tiers for greater brilliance. 5 light chandeliers are made of crystal, glass and metal. Crystals make excellent materials for their radiant illumination with its refractive and reflective play of lights. Metals, intricately crafted to give a traditional look, are most commonly used. Glass chandeliers have colored light shades, which make the room look different due to varying light intensities.

When purchasing 5 light chandeliers, be sure to get a style that suits the height of the room; and consider the ease of lowering and cleaning of the chandelier. It is also a practical idea to include a dimmer, so that the light intensity of the chandeliers could be adjusted and changed for different occasions. Also, inquire on post purchase conveniences such as ease of maintenance and cleaning. Add sophistication to your home decor with a beautiful and stylish chandelier. 5 light chandeliers are a lifetime investment for an elegantly decorated home.

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