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In the 15th century, chandelier lighting was a symbol of luxury and status only the wealthy could afford. Today, candelabrums are used all over the world as they still manage to bring to mind a sense of luxury while remaining affordable to many homeowners. We offer a vast selection of sparkling hanging lights, ranging from crystal chandeliers to mini chandeliers, in a diverse assortment of designs and finishes.

Entertain in Your Home with Twinkling Chandelier Lighting

Chandeliers are the most distinctive and stunning of lighting options. These sparkling fixtures are often made up of ornate metallic accents, elaborately curved arms and radiant glass orbs that bathe any room with warmth. Once thought of as a symbol of wealth, chandelier lighting has become an affordable and popular lighting fixture over the years. A hanging ornate light can be placed in the living room, dining room and even the bathroom for a unique decorative element that adds ambiance and interest to a home's décor. To determine which bejeweled light feature is right for your home, please see our detailed Chandelier Room and Size Guide.

Chandelier lighting offers beauty and versatility to homeowners looking to showcase their personality through their living area. For those who are fond of the classics, a timeless large chandelier is essential. These opaque fixtures blend in with almost any existing décor. For globetrotters, dining under the amber glow of a tuscan chandelier is a perfect place to remember a previous journey through the wine country or plan a new one. A Toscana-themed light is inspirational enough to start a design renaissance in your home. For beach lovers, a nautical style chandelier brings the briny ocean breeze closer to home. For those who embody elegance, a shimmering crystal chandelier is indispensable. These lavish fixtures feature polished Swarovski crystals. For homeowners searching for an accessory that meets multiple needs, a ceiling fan chandelier is a perfect way to combine lighting and cooling functions.

Part of the appeal of chandelier lighting is the ability to use the light for general illumination needs. To create a warm ambient light, consider suspending a three or five light hanging fixture or a that allows everything in the room to shine. To create more illumination in your space, use glass chandeliers. A chandelier light fixture can also provide task lighting, giving homeowners the directional light needed to complete specific tasks. For instance, designer chandeliers equipped with down lights can be placed over a desk to prevent eyestrain while doing homework or other specific tasks.

Chandelier lighting is a smart choice for those who desire a lighting fixture that is stylish, functional and affordable. We offer an array of glimmering lighting fixtures in variety of styles, designs and finishes from trusted manufacturers to meet any budget.