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Black is a very direct, straightforward finish for chandelier lighting. Black chandelier lighting offers timeless appeal, complements virtually any home décor, and pairs well with any existing lighting fixtures. Black chandeliers are available in different sizes, styles, to match your home décor.

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Light Your Space with Black Finished Chandelier Lighting Fixtures

Consumers can expect to find more than 100 chandeliers that are finished in a very unassuming black color. The sheer variety in the sense of the number of types of black chandelier lighting should be enough to offer any shopper what he or she desires. Black chandelier lighting solutions come as candle chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, glass chandeliers, outdoor chandeliers, chandelier fans, and even as pot racks with lights and shades. In addition to these various types, the price range of black chandeliers is such that average people can afford them, too.


Black chandelier lighting is ideal for illuminating a kitchen, dining room, foyer, nook, and even a bathroom. Chandeliers delivers general and task lighting depending of the fixtures design and dimming abilities. Pair your new chandelier light fixture with bathroom wall mount lights from the same collection or brand to complementary styles and finishes.


The top names in the business make black chandeliers, everyone from Hinkley to Hudson Valley to Kalco to LBL, just to name a few. There are many top black chandelier lighting retailers and manufacturers from which online shoppers can select black chandelier lighting. Black chandeliers can be quite understated and direct, such as the 3LT black chandelier lighting by Murray Feiss, a moderate-size chandelier that comes with frosted amber glass and a country-style theme. Other types of black chandeliers can be more exquisite, too. In example, Fine Art Lamps’ Large 12LT black chandelier lighting is 46 inches in width and comes with a finish of tea-stained ivory along with motifs right out of the 14th century. In this latter case, the exquisiteness justifies a much higher cost of nearly $6000.

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