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Illuminate your home and impress your friends with chic brass chandeliers. These chandeliers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to match your home’s décor. These ritzy and glamourous chandeliers would look ideal hung in a foyer, kitchen, or dining room.

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How to Keep Your Beautiful Brass Chandelier Radiant

Owning a large chandelier light in the brass finish will bring an entirely new level of class and elegance into your home. These lighting fixtures look fantastic in dining rooms, foyers and living rooms. You can also own a brass and crystal chandelier. Brass is actually easy to take care of if you just do a little research. Below we’ve complied some tips for upkeep of your beautiful new home addition.


Your Brass Chandelier Upkeep

- You should give your chandelier a cleaning at least once every six to twelve months. A dusty chandelier can distract from its beauty and lead to damage of your brass.

- Start by dusting your fixture with a dry soft cloth. Dusting your piece should be a part of regular maintenance but giving it a good scrub is important too. Wash with warm water and a very small amount of mild dish soap. Make sure to dry it very good so it won’t rust.

- In case an imperfection or spot of rust happens to turn up on your brass chandelier you have to figure out if it’s a solid brass or steel plated brass. A magnet will stick to steel plated brass, but not solid brass. Use steel wool to remove the imperfection on steel plated brass. You can then have it re-plated or painted. Use a brass cleaner from a hardware store for a solid brass piece. Do not use an ammonia based cleaner on brass or you will tarnish it. Finish it up with a coat of spray on lacquer to protect your investment.  

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