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Bronze is a warm, versatile patina for chandelier lighting. Bronze chandeliers are available in variety of styles and finishes such as antique bronze, copper bronze, oil rubbed bronze, and Venetian bronze to complement many home décors. Hang a bronze chandelier in your bedroom, dining room, or foyer.

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Finish Your Home in Bronze Chandelier Lighting

From governors’ mansions to ordinary homes, chandeliers remain one of the most popular lighting options in history. The multiple branches and bulbs of a fine chandelier make for a fixture that illumines a large space quite well, and the decorative accents found on most chandeliers make these lighting solutions an elegant and integral part of many room designs. Bronze chandeliers, in particular, are favorites for those who want a classic look in their home. Pair a bronze chandelier with semi flush light for balanced lighting in a kitchen, bathroom, dining room.


Chandeliers have multiple uses, but they are perhaps most commonly found in dining rooms and other formal settings. Bronze chandeliers are popular in these rooms because they can fit with most any décor, and because the sheen of the bronze is pleasing to the eye. A well-crafted bronze chandelier is an excellent centerpiece for these areas, and Del Mar Designs has several bronze chandeliers available to fit nearly every decorating taste.


Properly caring for bronze chandeliers is essential to keep them looking like new for a long time. Like other bronze fixtures in the home or office, bronze chandeliers will need dusting on a regular basis. This is especially important for chandeliers that have many glass pendants or light bulb shades. Too much dust can inhibit a chandelier’s ability to light up a room, so buyers are encouraged to dust their bronze chandeliers regularly for maximum benefit. Replace any bruned out candelabra bulbs with energy-efficient LED light bulbs.


Bronze chandeliers may also need to be polished from time to time in order that they might retain their luster. An ordinary, low-impact bronze polish should suffice well to accomplish this task. It is important that the right polish is used; otherwise, scratches could dull the surface of the bronze an make it that much harder to restore it in the future. Care should also be taken when polishing the antique bronze chandelier so that you do not fall off the step ladder used to access the chandelier. If possible, it is wise to take the chandelier down altogether before polishing it.


In any case, bronze chandeliers will serve buyers well for many years if they are treated properly. Browse Del Mar Design's selection of bronze chandeliers to find the best one for your home.

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