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Prior to the advent of electricity, people burned chandeliers with candles to illuminate a home. Today, candle chandelier lighting is a popular way to illuminate and style a home. Manufacturers like Murray Feiss offer candle chandeliers with flickering light bulbs that simulate a burning candle.

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Add an Elegant Chandelier with Candle Lighting Stems

Candle chandeliers contribute a romantic feel to most any room in which they are located. A Candle chandelier can add both style as well as much-needed lighting solutions to any room that they are installed. The history of the candle chandelier goes back to when homeowners did not have electricity. As a result, all they were left with was to light chandeliers in order to get a room nicely lit. In the present day, these fixtures do not use candles, but instead simulate a burning candle by way of flickering light bulbs. This is done primarily to retain the romantic mood and feeling of candlelight. At Del Mar Fans and Lighting, candle hanging fixtures come in two choices: pillar or taper-styled lighting solutions. There are many of these fixtures that add a crystal sparkle making them crystal chandelier light fixtures.

There are presently more than 20 webpages of search results for candle chandeliers on Del Mar Designs’s website, establishing how vast the choice is for shoppers interested in this type of lighting solution. The website also provides helpful guides for homeowners who are wondering how to measure a room to make sure they obtain the right-size hang lighting. These guides cover topics related to choosing either a room or a foyer for this type. Homeowners should have a good idea of how to proceed with installations before going ahead and buying one of these chandeliers with candles.

Candle chandeliers are a very diverse lot, featuring many shapes, light counts, sizes, and the adaptability to different rooms. A fixture with candle lighting are ideal for bathrooms, dining rooms, nooks, kitchens, hallways, and foyers. This wide range of possible uses illustrates the fact of how chandeliers have become more accessible as lighting solutions in a wide range of homes. Candle chandeliers can come in mini sizes like the 4 LT Mini Crystal Chandelier from Crystorama, which is only 15 inches wide by 17 inches high. They can also come in greater sizes that would make them conservation pieces, such as the 6LT Island Fixture from Fine Art Lamps. It measures 50 inches in width by 30.5 inches in height.

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