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No longer a status symbol, glass chandeliers are an affordable way to illuminate and style a home. Glass chandeliers range in sizes, finishes, and styles – from classic to contemporary. A glass chandelier is not only suitable for a foyer or dining room, but also for a bedroom, study, or kitchen.

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Home Owners are Selecting Glass Chandelier Lighting

More affordable prices and a greater demand by the public are making chandeliers common in more and more homes. Del Mar Designs also provides customers who are interested in glass chandeliers with a range of savings, including discounts on select chandelier models. Price wise, glass chandeliers encompass a wide range of price points to accommodate different budgets. Some retail for only a few hundreds, while the more refined models cost thousands of dollars.

Picking a glass chandelier for the home should be based on the following factors: the formality of the living space, the existing style of the home, the shopper’s price point, and the other elements of the room. Choosing the light bulbs for the fixture are also important, be sure they are a dimmable bulb. Decisions are normally formed upon the presence of a table in a room. If a room that you are considering putting a glass chandelier into has a table in it, pick a chandelier that is half of the width of said table. In rooms without a table, you must first add the dimensions of the room together and then realize that that number has to be the diameter of the glass chandelier that is being picked out. If homeowners want to install a glass chandelier in a foyer, that is easy, too. They simply have to ensure the chandelier is at least 7 feet off the floor.

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