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Add warmth and old-school charm to your home with our iron chandeliers. Iron chandelier lighting is suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting. An ornate Minka Lavery Outdoor iron chandelier makes a great focal point in a foyer, dining room, or living room. Choose from a variety of sizes, designs, and finishes.

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Illuminate Your Life with Iron Chandelier Lighting

Let’s be honest, iron chandeliers are all about the style, design and finish. It’s an investment in the atmosphere of your home. Picking the right iron chandelier might seem tricky. You may be wondering how the differences in the designs will affect your lighting. We’ve got some answers that might help solve these questions for you. If your ceiling is not quite high enough for a chandelier you can install semi flush lights.

Uplight lighting- When an iron chandeliers lights face up it creates an uplighting effect. This is usually a softer light, keeping the brightness from hitting your eyes too harshly when you’re in a sitting position and look up. This lighting can also create beautiful patterns along walls and ceilings. It's great for ambiance and relaxing. Chandeliers with uplights work very well in dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

Downlight lighting- When the bulbs of a chandelier face down this is considered downlighting. Downlighting is a more vivid lighting effect. This is the sort of lighting you would want while working. Therefore this lighting works well in areas like the kitchen while you’re cooking, a study while you’re reading or offices while workings.  

Take a chance with your lighting design by using different colored bulbs. You can also add dimmers to almost all models. Click “add accessory options” on the product page for more information on the different dimmers available. You can also view our iron and crystal chandelier page for more options.

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