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Small & Miniature Chandeliers

Read About Chandeliers

Are you looking for a light fixture that will add charm and beauty to a small room in your home without being over overwhelming? If so, a mini chandelier is just what you’ve been looking for. Chandeliers create ambient lighting that is ideal for basking rooms in a soft glow, and mini chandeliers add light and style to small areas without taking up too much space.

Mini Chandelier Styles

Who says mini chandeliers aren’t as luxurious as large chandeliers? Mini chandeliers are every bit as glamorous as their large counterparts are. Just like large chandeliers, small chandeliers are available in many different types. Choose a mini crystal chandelier to hang in your foyer or use a mini glass chandelier to illuminate your dining room table. Match your new mini chandelier to your existing light fixtures for a consistent look and feel throughout your home.

Where to Hang a Mini Chandelier?

Because of their petite size, mini chandeliers are best suited for smaller rooms where friends and family members won’t overlook them. Chandeliers are not just ordinary light fixtures whose primary purpose is to add light to a room. Rather, they act as a representation of your home’s décor theme and should be placed where they can be seen and admired. Try putting a mini chandelier in your bathroom or reading nook to add light and style.

Steel Finished  Mini Chandelier by Feiss

What Size Chandelier Should You Buy?

Determining the right size chandelier for a space is the first step to choosing the best chandelier. It is important to measure your room to determine the proper size chandelier. A large chandelier can easily overwhelm a small space, and a small chandelier will be underwhelming in a large area. The right size chandelier will be proportional to the height and width of the room as well as create a well-balanced and structured lighting design.

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