Italian Murano Chandeliers – Savings Start at 33%

Set your home apart with a Murano chandelier crafted using an Italian glass making technique perfected over hundreds of years. These chandeliers radiate with unique beauty and elegance that will impart sense of sophistication and awe. Choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

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Sparkling Murano Chandeliers

These Italian Murano glass chandeliers are filled with a unique powerful visual elegance. Choose the perfect hand crafted piece to complete your home from a large variety of styles and colors. You can also compliment your chandelier with pendant light fixtures and add accessories such as dimmers for optimal comfort.

How to Clean Your Murano Chandelier

Upkeep of these bewitching chandeliers is easier than ordering from us. You should clean your Murano chandelier about twice a year (this does not include general dusting).

1. Turn off all power to your chandelier by shutting off the breaker the fixture uses.
2. Spread out old newspaper or a sheet on the floor below your chandelier.
3. Use a dry soft cloth to dust the fixture completely.
4. Spray a mild commercial glass chandelier cleaning product onto a soft cloth making it relatively damp (you can spray cleaner directly onto parts of the chandelier that are not connected to electrical wires).
5. Gently rub cleaner onto the glass slowly allowing it time to dissolve dirt and left over dust. Use a new cloth when old cloth gets dirty.
6. Let your Murano glass chandelier dry completely before turning the breaker back on.
7. Enjoy your new sparkling clean glass chandelier.