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Pink chandeliers add a soft, feminine touch to your bedroom, bathroom, or walk-in closet. Pink chandelier lighting is inspired by the Parisian flea markets with hand-cut crystals that add a dainty, but elegant element to a shabby chic design scheme. Get the perfect size chandelier for your home today!

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Pink Chandelier Lighting Adds Soft & Delicate Color to Your Decor

Mention the term chandelier and most people are likely to think of the elegant lighting fixtures with gold or silver arms and dozens of clear crystals. Of course, such chandeliers are commonly imagined because they are probably the most common chandeliers that have been purchased and installed over the years. Yet chandeliers, like many other fixtures, actually come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Chandeliers are great for foyers and dining rooms, and there are even chandelier style fans to light up your bedroom.

As their name would suggest, pink chandeliers are chandeliers that incorporate a good deal of the color pink in their construction. The branches of these chandeliers themselves might be pink, but it is probably more common that the crystals and other glass pieces of the chandelier are pink in color. Pink chandeliers were more common during the art deco period when designers loved to incorporate their unusual appearance into their unusual designs. Nevertheless, pink chandeliers retain their popularity today, and many homeowners are choosing them because pink chandeliers make a unique statement wherever they are installed.

Pink may be an unusual color for a chandelier, but that does not mean that pink chandeliers are limited in regards to the rooms that they can improve. Many a young girl would love to have a pink chandelier in her bedroom, but pink chandeliers can also brighten up a dining room. They go especially well in homes that are decorated in a more modern style, especially if art deco is a favorite decorating scheme or tradition of the homeowner.

Del Mar Designs makes chandeliers of every sort available to the public, and our inventory includes pink chandeliers as well. We are proud to be a one-stop shopping place for all your lighting and ceiling fan needs, and we are able to help you choose from among our many chandeliers. Del Mar Designs can help you decide whether pink chandeliers are right for you, and we can also make several suggestions that will also be good for your home.