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Chandeliers with shades add elegance to any room in your home. Many of our vintage chandeliers include decorative shades to create a dramatic lighting scheme. These chandeliers are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and finishes to choose from. Hang one in your kitchen, dining room, or foyer.

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Shaded Chandeliers Create an Elegant Lighting Look in Your Home

In order to get a dramatic feel to the home professional lighting is not needed. This feel can be accomplished simply by adding chandeliers with shades. The shade for the chandelier is the same type of cloth piece that can be found on any lamp shade. Chandeliers are a popular choice for decorating the home, but often people feel that they made the wrong choice in chandelier lighting and it doesn’t quite fit as they thought it would. There is no need to dispose of the chandelier though.

The light can be kept by adding a chandelier shade. There will be no need to hire an electrician to do extensive wiring and by adding chandeliers with shade the perfect light will be achieved without spending a lot of money. After opting for chandeliers with shades, rather than chandeliers without the type of shade to purchase is the next process. A whole chandelier shade will cover the whole chandelier in one large cover.

If individual chandelier shades are preferred they will cover each bulb which may be a little time-consuming, but can still obtain the desired light by choosing how many bulbs to cover giving them more control over the desired lighting effect. Before covering a chandelier one should be sure to make sure all other work to the chandelier is done first. By upgrading the chandelier lighting a whole new look can be created for an entire room and the chandelier lighting will still be the main focal point.

Chandeliers with shades are a wonderful alternative to replacing an entire chandelier. Whether a whole shade or individual shades are chosen this method can help update the look of the lighting in the room. The shades can take a lot or a little light away creating the perfect setting and still giving that classic elegant look that is well-loved. Consider pairing a chandelier light fixture with shades with decorative exterior wall lighting to match the inside of your home to the outside. 

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