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Homeowners searching for a way to illuminating rooms with low-profile ceilings use  close-to-ceiling lights. Close-to-ceiling lighting consists of semi flush ceiling lights, installed 4 to 8 inches below ceilings ranging 8 to 10 feet in height, and flush light fixtures, installed against ceilings below 8 feet in height. Close-to-ceiling lights are available in variety of styles and finishes.

Lights Close to the Ceiling are Great for Low Rooms

Looking for versatile lighting choices, but stuck with a room with a low ceiling? Del Mar Designs has your lighting solution. Del Mar Designs offers lighting solutions for all different types of home, including those with lower ceilings. Close to ceiling lights are great for low ceiling, and homeowners do not have to give up their unique lighting style. A close to the ceiling light refers to a fashionable light fixture with a base attached to the ceiling. It is a lovely combination to use a mini pendant light with your flush mount light for a layering effect. Since the light is fitted to the ceiling, it does not take up much space and will work well in rooms with lower ceilings or just in homes where a more modern look that uses efficient lighting is desired. Close-to-ceiling light fixtures are appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications especially next to pendants.

When navigating the different options in close to ceiling lighting fixtures available from Del Mar Designs, consumers will be delighted with the selection of flush mount and semi flush fixtures. A flush mounted light fixture is one that is attached directly to the base of the light, meaning the light is actually flush to the ceiling. With a semi-mounted ceiling light the base is flush to the ceiling but the light hangs down slightly, usually no more than a foot or two below the ceiling. 

Choosing between flush mounted and semi flush decorative light fixtures should reflect personal taste but should also reflect the length of the ceiling within a home. For instance, a room with a ceiling that is shorter than eight feet should likely go with a flush mounted light. Any shorter and the light can become a problem for taller individuals walking by. When choosing semi flush close to ceiling lights it is still important to understand the height of the ceiling. A light hung in a room with a nine-inch ceiling may not seem like it could be a problem but if the light hangs down more than a few inches it could still be problematic. Thankfully, Del Mar Designs selection of ceiling mount lighting fixtures is so varied it is a hassle free process to find a light that is the right height and right look for any interior design project. With name brand lighting, including Minka Lavery, Justice Designs, Crystorama, and ET2 brands, shoppers can choose from a wide variety of styles and lighting concepts for their home.

No matter which brand suits your style best, close mounted lighting does not rely on chains or cables. Instead, the beauties of the lights are reflected in the high quality of care featured in the design process. These lights are renowned for their use of stunningly beautiful and upscale materials such as blown glass, crystal, onyx stone, and mica. The styles available in these close to ceiling lighting fixtures also reflect the full range of user styles and preferences and are well suited for general lighting.

An important question to ask when comparing close mount lights is which room the light will be placed in. Close to ceiling lights work well in various areas of the home including the kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, and dining rooms. In fact, close-to-ceiling kitchen lights improved a homeowner's visibility while reading a recipe or preparing a meal. The shape of the light such as round or square as well as the style of the light such as featuring a floral pattern or tropical theme, offer assistance with understanding where these lights should be placed in the home.

Close to ceiling lighting can give a room a little bit of sparkle, taking an ordinary living space into an extraordinary showpiece. Once installed, these artistic and fashionable close mount light fixtures turn a gloomy room into a cheery, attractive space. A space that family, friends and visitors will feel right at home in. In fact, these lights can make a room so cozy visitors may never want to leave. Check out Del Mar Designs’ wide selection of close to ceiling lighting for your home today.