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Design Your Own Emerson Ceiling Fan to Fit Your Style

It’s no secret that we have specific ideas about how we want things to look in our homes. From an early age we've been crafting and expanding our personal styles. We like things to look and feel more like us, so why would it be any different with our ceiling fans? We are excited to announce at Del Mar Fans & Lighting that we developed the Ceiling Fan Configurator. This configurator allows you to design select Custom Ceiling Fan Builder to create your a custom ceiling fan.

Create One of a Kind Emerson Ceiling Fans

There is no need to customize your ceiling fan with sticky glow in the dark stars or bedazzlers. The Emerson Ceiling Fan Configurator makes it easy for you by allowing you to choose the motor finish, blade style, light kit, control kit, downrod, and accessories to create custom ceiling fans. You can even see your custom ceiling fans for the Laguna Bay fans right there on the screen, and tweak them until they are perfect. Choose from a variety of fans and build your own custom ceiling fan.

Custom Emerson Ceiling Fans

To create a custom Emerson ceiling fan, follow the steps below as a guide:

  1. Fan Model - Emerson offers six fan models for customizing - the Carrera Grande, Carrera Grande Eco, Premium Select, Crown Select, Laguna Bay, and Avant Eco.
  2. Motor Finish - Choose from a variety of finishes such as antique brass, antique pewter, brushed steel, chalk, gilded bronze, golden espresson, oil-rubbed bronze, summer white, and venetian bronze. Coordiante the ceiling fan's motor finish with your home's hardware such as the door knobs, cabinet pulls, and appliances.
  3. Blade Style - Choose from a variety of stylish blade sets such as hand-carved Art Deco walnut baldes, vintage rattan blades, vintage black blades, teak blades, dark Mahogany blades, natural Cherry blades, and dark oak blades. Match the ceiling fan's blade finish to your home's floor, doors, furniture, and cabinets.
  4. Light Kit - Choose from a variety of light kits with unique glass fixures. The glass shades are available in a range of colors such as alabaster swirl, amber mist, amber parchment, linen, opal, sandstone, teastained, and white linen.
  5. Controls - Add a layer of convenience by choose a remote control or wall control for your custom ceiling fan. The controls operate speed settings, direction, and lighting.
  6. Downrods - Choose a downrod from a range of lengths to allow your custom ceiling fan to hang a least seven feet above the floor. See Del Mar Fans & Lighting's article on how to choose a downrod.

If you need help selecting a new ceiling fan, see Del Mar Fans & Lighting article on how to buy a ceiling fan for additional factors to consider. However, if you know exactly what you want, the Emerson Ceiling Fan Configurator can help you create it. Currently, the configurator is only compatible with Emerson ceiling fans, but we hope that the future holds many other custom ceiling fan possibilities.