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How to Use Lighting Design in Your Home

Have your ever thought about the fact that people used to live in the dark? Many people still live in the dark or at the very least, limited lighting conditions. Most people notice poor lighting well after they've moved into a new home or apartment, and they have to bring in an expert for assistance. However, a lengthy, expensive consultation with a lighting designer is not an option for everyone. Lighting Patterns for Homes is a budget-friendly way to design your home's lighting scheme. The website that allows homeowners, builders, and contractors to choose the right light bulbs, fixtures, dimming controls and even track lighting systems, to create a lighting design that meets the demands of each room and each project. You can also compare energy savings, cost of ownerships, and pollution reduction.

How Lighting Design Affects Your Home

Lighting Design in the BedroomLighting Patterns for Homes demonstrates how lighting can improve the energy efficiency, visibility, and appearance of common residential rooms in a home, including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even exteriors. Users select the room type, approximate room size, and desired lighting effect. The website the provides a lighting plan, including equipment used, and calculates the cost and energy savings.

If kitchen lighting ideas are what you are after, use the site’s interactive features to create a customized kitchen lighting design plan, complete with light fixtures, controls, and light bulbs. The site also allows you to view the rooms with both traditional lighting and updated lighting, using newer, more energy efficient technology and bulbs. Whether the goal is to maximize energy savings or to create a safe, well-lit environment for seniors, the right lighting design is essential.

Additional Lighting Design Tips

Kichler Lighting is a great resource for stylish light fixtures as well as efficient lighting tips.  See Kichler's video below on how to use light as a design element in your home.

Looking for discount lighting fixtures? Choose from the wide array of lighting options on the Del Mar Fans & Lighting website, and then try them out to see how they will look in your space, what the lighting costs will be, and the types of lighting effects are available. So whether you are a homeowner tackling the lighting design for an existing home or a builder contemplating design for a future project take the time you need to make the right choices for you and your home.