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Landscape Lighting: 5 Illuminating Ideas

Nighttime Landscape LightingWhen we decided to landscape the front of our home, our landscape designer sent us on a tour of the town’s most beautifully landscaped front yards. We loved driving around to different neighborhoods, admiring the flower-filled beds in front of one home and the mature trees towering over another, but it wasn’t until he asked us to revisit some of those homes again, at night, did we see the full picture of exterior accent lighting. Landscapes that looked merely pretty by day seemed to come to life in the evening, glowing with mystery and drama. And that’s when we first discovered the power of landscape lighting.

Fortunately, adding warmth and magic to an outdoor area through the use of landscape lighting is easier than ever thanks to the stunning array of lighting available today. Hopefully, these 5 simple steps will show you how easily you can create an inviting outdoor living area through the use of lighting.

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1. Survey Your Space: The first step will be to decide which area of your outdoor space you want to tackle first. Keep in mind that while landscape lights are beautiful, they are also an important security measure. Which areas would benefit the most from being well-lit and inviting?

Path Landscape Lighting2. Type-Casting: The next step is to decide on the type of landscape lights that will best suit your space. There are four basic types of landscape lighting to choose from: accent, deck, inground, and pathway. If your landscape boasts a water feature, then you may also want to look at submersible pond lighting. Having a variety is the best solution for most homes, so consider illuminating fountains or statues with accent lighting, using inground lighting to add interest to plant beds, and adding pathway and deck lights for safety and security.

3. What’s Your Style: The design of your home will naturally influence the style, finish and details of the landscape lighting that you choose. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of styles from which to choose, from rustic to modern, vintage to transitional. Finishes are as varied as indoor lighting options, including black, white, brass, copper, or satin nickel.

4. Pick Your Power: Low voltage lighting is a smart choice for enhancing the security of your home, and will last longer than traditional line voltage landscape lighting.

5. Install Your Landscape Lighting: If your lighting project is a small and simple one, you may want to try to install it yourself. Otherwise, it’s best to find an expert installer, preferably one who with a well-regarded certification, like the one offered at a Kichler Lighting Certified Training Seminar. A high-quality product combined with expert installation is the key to ensuring that your landscape lighting will bring you joy for years to come.