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The Best Ceiling Fans for Major Milestones

The Best Ceiling Fans to Get You Through Life's Big Moments

There are certain events in life that we mark as significant or life changing. Life is a journey that is constantly evolving, and there are bound to be times when you’re too busy to even think about what’s for dinner let alone which ceiling fan to buy. We have all been there before, and we understand that just because you may be ready for a break doesn’t mean that life is ready to give it to you. That’s why we created a list of the best ceiling fans to get you through some of those busy and important milestones in life.


College Students

Starting college and living in a dorm room presents a whole new series of exciting challenges. Oftentimes, college dorm rooms have poor airflow and can be quite stuffy, and being uncomfortable can have a negative impact on your studies. Knowing how to keep your dorm room cool is essential to college living. Stay stress and sweat free with the Craftmade Contractor’s 207 fan. The ample airflow that this fan produces makes it an ideal ceiling fan for a college dorm room. This fan also comes equipped with a light, which will come in handy when you have to stay up late or work all through the night in order to finish that final paper or project.


Ceiling Fans for College

New Homeowners

Buying a home is one of the biggest milestones in life, and purchasing a ceiling fan after buying a new home is probably the last thing on your mind. However, think of how much cooler you will feel sitting below the cooling breeze of a ceiling fan while you unpack your boxes. The 52” Hunter Sonora fan is one of the best ceiling fans for new homeowners. It provides generous airflow and is available in a variety of different finishes, making it easily customizable to your own personal style and décor. This Energy Star compliant fan is ETL approved for indoor locations in the United States and Canada and would look stunning displayed in a bedroom or a guest room. 


Ceiling Fans for New Homeowners

Battle of the Bloggers - Dare to Design

The Design Dilemma Challenge
Design Dilemma

Lately, it appears as if more interior decorators are shying away from including ceiling fans in their design projects. Countless design shows and blogs feature decorators visiting lighting shops, flooring stores, and art galleries, but we hardly ever see a designer visiting a ceiling fan store. At Del Mar Fans and Lighting, we believe that home design ideas should inspire you to think outside the box. We want to encourage you to seek out room decorating ideas that are unique to your own personal style and combine those ideas with practical fixtures such as ceiling fans.


At Del Mar Fans and Lighting, we feel that ceiling fans have gotten a bad reputation over the years because there was once a time when practical did not equal pretty. Our goal is to prove that ceiling fans are no longer the boring, beige, builder grade fans of the past, but that they are, instead, fixtures capable of adding charm and character to a room. So, we came up with a design challenge to show that it is the ceiling fans time to shine.


Featured product, Kichler Arkwright Polished Nickel Energy Star 58 inch ceiling fan with remote

The Design Challenge

The goal of this design challenge is to bring ceiling fans back into focus. We want home design ideas that challenge the norm and that aren’t afraid to be bold and creative.


We challenged three brave designers to create a beautiful space with a Kichler ceiling fan in six weeks to show the design world what it’s missing.  

Top Five Tropical Ceiling Fans

Island Ceiling Fans

Summer is in full swing and the heat may have you trying to seek solace in a cooler climate. There’s no better way to cool off than grabbing a fruity, frozen drink and relaxing beneath the cooling breeze of a tropical ceiling fan. The right ceiling fan will take your mind off of the scorching summer temperatures and have you completely relaxed while you watch the sunset on your back porch or take a snooze in your outdoor hammock. These five tropical ceiling fans will help you create your very own tropical paradise that will have you welcoming the summer heat and relaxing in no time!

The Great Escape Fans

Fall in love this summer with the Fanimation Louvre. This 52” ceiling fan features five hand carved blades that have been intricately designed to resemble tropical island leaves. The rich, elegant color of the blades promotes serenity and relaxation, and the UL Damp rating makes this fan perfect for both indoor and outdoor locations. Create your own personal spa at home by placing this fan in a bathroom or in a room where you can decompress from the stress of the day.

Fanimation Louvre Ceiling Fan



Totally Tahiti Fan

Nothing quite says paradise like being fanned while you relax and enjoy a tropical libation. Turn your fantasy into a reality with the Ellington Tahiti ceiling fan. The beautifully shaped blades are designed to resemble luscious palm leaves found in exotic locations. This fan’s ample 16° blade pitch provides a cool, calm breeze that will leave you feeling peaceful and pampered. A UL damp rating makes this ceiling fan ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas, allowing you the freedom to choose where you want your private utopia.

Ellington Tahiti Ceiling Fan



5 Ways to Illuminate Your Outdoor Wedding

Say 'I Do' to These Radiant Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Your wedding day is undeniably one of the most important days of your life and you’ve planned every aspect of the event – the décor, menu and party favors, but have you given much thought to the lighting? The right illumination can transform any outdoor space, and make you and your guests look stunning.


To have and to hold, to love and to cherish and to better light your big day, check out these five radiant light fixtures. We promise to make your walk down the aisle outdoors an unforgettable event. Our top outdoor wedding lighting picks will have you asking, why didn’t he put a ring on it sooner?


1. Vintage Wedding Lighting

The Lyndon pendant by Kichler Lighting is a modern take on the classic Edison bulb. The vintage-inspired pendant features clear seedy glass, popularized in colonial times, and an architectural bronze finish, which is ideal for a nostalgic wedding. The single-light pendant emits warm halogen light and is UL approved for damp locations. Stagger multiple pendants over the bar and dining area for a distinct look.

Vintage Wedding Lighitng

5 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Ceiling Fan

Give your Old Spinner a New Look with These Affordable, Easy-to-Follow Tips

Ceiling fans, while purposeful, are not always stylish. Perhaps your ceiling fan came with your home or you purchased the fan a long time ago and your décor has changed significantly since then. Whatever the case may be, you’re no longer happy with the way the fan looks. Before you consider trading in your old spinner for a newer model, here are some affordable and easy tips to modernize your ceiling fan.

Change the Fan Blades

1. New Blades

Ceiling fan blades can fade and warp over time, causing the fan to look shabby. Replace the outdated fan blades with a new blade set, preferably from the same manufacturer as the fan to guarantee a good fit. Skip the standard issue reversible blades and opt for blades with hand-carved and textured details. Choose natural finishes like dark mahogany, dark walnut and Spanish Oak that show off the grain. Fan blades range in price from $50 - $200 depending on the manufacturer so there are plenty of options for any budget.

Paint the Ceiling Fan

2. Paint Job

Just as the blades lose their original luster so does the motor housing and hardware. You can quickly restore the fixture’s patina with an inexpensive paint job. For the fan hardware, choose a paint color that complements the hardware such as the door hinges, door knobs and appliances. For the fan blades, choose a paint color that complements the furniture, doors and woodwork. See our previous article on how to paint a ceiling fan, which we completed for about $15, for materials and instructions.

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