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Pinspiration: Top 5 Ceiling Fans for Summer 2014

Plus Decor and Design Tips for these Summer Fans


The re-pins and hearts have spoken and dual ceiling fans are the winning choice for your 2014 summer cooling needs. Here's our top five ceiling fans for this summer as chosen by our Pinterest followers, along with some installation and decor tips.


1. Minka Aire: Gyro


The Minka Aire Gyro Collection has collectively received hundreds of re-pins and hearts. This chic collection is known for its dual-motored design. It oozes class and sophistication and is perfect for offices, bedrooms, living rooms and workshops.


See the entire Minka Aire Gyro Collection.


Gyro Minka Aire App


Colors: These fans go great with Earthy tones like browns, burnt oranges, deep greens or reds.


Textures: Blend this focal piece with brick, oak, cedar and tanned leather.


2. Matthews: Bianca Direcional


This unique fan has over four hundred re-pins on Pinterest. It’s stylish and designed to fit in even smaller rooms. The blades can be adjusted up to 180° for the perfect summer breeze. This fan is great for recreation rooms, gyms, foyers and kitchens.


View more of the Matthews Bianca Direcional Collection.


Direcional App Image


Colors: Use with neural colors like silver, grey, white and ivory.


Textures: This looks great paired with textures of lighter woods, metal and cloth furniture.


How to Use Ambient, Accent, and Task Lighting

15 Ways to Master the Different Types of Lighting in Your Home and Office

What is task lighting? How to create accent lighting? What else is available besides ambient lighting? With so many different types of lighting available, it can get a little confusing when designing a lighting scheme for your home or office. Our guide explains the different types of lighting - ambient, task and accent, how to use them effectively, and which light fixtures to use create your desired lighting.


Three Main Types of Lighting

1. Ambient Lighting (General Lighting)

This is one of the most common types of lighting. Ambient light is a soft glow that blankets your space just enough for you to function without causing a harsh glare. In photography and cinematography, ambient light is considered the “natural light” within a room. In décor, ambient light is very similar, except you create the ambient light by making the room’s lighting as natural and flat as possible. While ambient light is meant to get you safely from point A-to-B, it is not ideal for working closely with things or to highlight things around your space.


Ambient Lighting


Atmosphere: When used correctly, ambient light creates a fantastic environment to relax from an overly stressful day or to have a warm conversation with an old friend. Ambient lighting is often referred to as mood lighting, because this light captures the soft curves of your face and allows your pupils to dilate slightly (a physical sign of affection). Some yoga studios have even begun using the softer ambient lighting in their classes to help draw stress from the body.


How to Get This Look: We recommend using the following lights to create ambient light.


Landscape Lighting: 5 Illuminating Ideas

Make the Most of Your Home Landscape with Lighting

Nighttime Landscape LightingWhen we decided to landscape the front of our home, our landscape designer sent us on a tour of the town’s most beautifully landscaped front yards. We loved driving around to different neighborhoods, admiring the flower-filled beds in front of one home and the mature trees towering over another, but it wasn’t until he asked us to revisit some of those homes again, at night, did we see the full picture of exterior accent lighting. Landscapes that looked merely pretty by day seemed to come to life in the evening, glowing with mystery and drama. And that’s when we first discovered the power of landscape lighting.


Fortunately, adding warmth and magic to an outdoor area through the use of landscape lighting is easier than ever thanks to the stunning array of lighting available today. Hopefully, these 5 simple steps will show you how easily you can create an inviting outdoor living area through the use of lighting.


New to the art of landscaping? Hinkley Lighting is one of the leading experts on landscape lighting. View this Hinkley video first to help with some tips and tricks of the trade to getting your landscaping project underway.



1. Survey Your Space: The first step will be to decide which area of your outdoor space you want to tackle first. Keep in mind that while landscape lights are beautiful, they are also an important security measure. Which areas would benefit the most from being well-lit and inviting?


How to Use Lighting Design in Your Home

Lighting Patterns for Home Makes Designing with Light Easy


Have your ever thought about the fact that people used to live in the dark? Many people still live in the dark or at the very least, limited lighting conditions. Most people notice poor lighting well after they've moved into a new home or apartment, and they have bring in an expert for assistance. However, a lengthy, expensive consultation with a lighting designer is not an option for everyone. Lighting Patterns for Homes is a budget-friendly way to design your home's lighting scheme. The website that allows homeowners, builders, and contractors to choose the right light bulbs, fixtures, dimming controls and even track lighting systems, to create a lighting design that meets the demands of each room and each project. You can also compare energy savings, cost of ownerships, and pollution reduction.

How Lighting Design Affects Your Home

Lighting Design in the BedroomLighting Patterns for Homes demonstrates how lighting can improve the energy efficiency, visibility, and appearance of common residential rooms in a home, including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even exteriors. Users select the room type, approximate room size, and desired lighting effect. The website the provides a lighting plan, including equipment used, and calculates the cost and energy savings.


If kitchen lighting ideas are what you are after, use the site’s interactive features to create a customized kitchen lighting design plan, complete with light fixtures, controls, and light bulbs. The site also allows you to view the rooms with both traditional lighting and updated lighting, using newer, more energy efficient technology and bulbs. Whether the goal is to maximize energy savings or to create a safe, well-lit environment for seniors, the right lighting design is essential.


Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Takes Life Outside

Five Tips to Extend Your Living Space with Hinkley Outdoor Lighting


Hinkley Outdoor Post LightingWhen our friends first purchased their 1920s Spanish-revival style home, we weren’t mesmerized by the tray ceiling in the dining room or the Chicago brick throughout the first floor. Instead, we were first enthralled by the Hinkley outdoor wall lights and lantern lights.


There, in the middle of the sloping yard, was a tall majestic wrought iron lantern encasing three golden globes of light, casting a warm, welcoming glow over the entire area and lighting the nearby hammock. And although we love the mysterious looking iron sconces throughout the living room to the Art-Deco era fixtures in the bathrooms, the backyard lighting impressed us the most.


Hinkley outdoor lighting makes it easy to extend your own living space through the use of a few well-chosen light fixtures. If winter’s walls felt like they were closing in on you, or your existing living space seems too small to entertain, simply open up your home and your mind to the possibility of outdoor living.


5 Tips for a Richer, Brighter Outdoor Life

Whether you enjoy hosting a casual al-fresco dinner party on a warm summer night or you have a favorite reading spot under the shade of an old tree, your home's exterior is a pivotal part of your home design. Here are five simples lighting tips for using Hinkley outdoor lighting to make your outdoor spaces warm and welcoming:


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