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Drift Off to Sleep with Smart LED Lighting


What does a warm bath, a good book, and a smart LED bulb all have in common? They all prepare your body for a restful night’s sleep. The Drift Light by Saffron promises to help you fall asleep naturally by casting warmer lighting and mimicking the setting sun.

Bye Bye Blue

The Drift Light Bulb by SaffronSome screw-in LED bulbs can help you save on your monthly utility bills, but they could also rob you of a good night's sleep. The energy-saving bulbs emit a blue hue that suppresses melatonin production, a hormone that promotes sleep and activates only when it's dark. Sleep or lack thereof affects mood, productivity, and health.


The Drift Light emits less blue light than traditional LED bulbs, producing instead a warm incandescent-like light. This allows users to enjoy the beauty of incandescent lighting and the energy savings of LED lighting without compromising their sleep.

Sleep Easy

The Drift Light features an innovative auto-dimming function that sets it apart from other smart LED bulbs. The bulb slowly dims over a period of 37 minutes, the average time of a sunset, gradually transitioning a room from light to dark. The idea behind the faux sunset is to encourage relaxation and increase melatonin in preparation for sleep.

How the Drift Light Works

The Drift Light does not require an app, additional hardware or wiring. The diffusing cap distributes light evenly in a 180 degree arc. The light bulb's classic Edison base screws into most light fixtures. Users can activate three lighting cycles - daylight, midnight and moonlight by flipping the light switch a couple of times.



  • DAYLIGHT - The daylight cycle is the standard light bulb function. To initiate this cycle, flip the light switch once.
  • MIDNIGHT - The midnight cycle dims the lighting over a period of 37 minutes. To initiate this cycle, flip the light switch twice and the light will blink once activated.
  • MOONLIGHT - The moonlight cycle dims the light to a faint glow. To initiate this cycle, flip the light switch three times and the light will blink two times once activated. This setting is ideal for children.

To reset the Drift Light, turn it off for 2 seconds or more.

Where to Use the Drift Light

The Drift Light features a classic Edison base and replaces 40-watt incandescent light bulbs. The light bulb has an average lifespan of 30,000 hours, which is 30 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.


The Saffron Drift Light works with flush mounts, floor and table lamps, chandeliers and pendants, and even track lighting fixtures. The smart LED bulb is suitable for dining room chandeliers, living rooms, and bedrooms - of course.


The Drift Light is available for pre-order online at Drift Light at $29 per bulb, $99 for 5 bulbs, and $239 for 10 bulbs. The bulbs are expected to start shipping on Friday, June 13th.