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Wall Lighting Install Guide

Fixtures that attach to the wall are known either as wall lights, sconces, or vanities. Vanities tend to be installed in the bathroom, particularly alongside a mirror. It can be hard to sort through all the different wall lighting fixtures, but here are a few tips.

Sconce Information

How High Should I Hang Sconces Is Answered With This DiagramWall Sconces can be attached to the wall of almost any room.

  • Wall Sconces Lighting can be particularly useful when the ceiling is very high in a room.
  • Sconce lighting are seen on the sides of a mirror, next to a fireplace, or up the sides of a stairwell.
  • Wall Sconces can provide task, accent, or general lighting.
  • Wall sconce lighting should be hung at least 5' from the floor.
  • In hallways, sconces should be between 8' and 10' apart.
  • In stairways, consider a 3-way switch for upstairs and downstairs.
  • Buy sconces and other fixtures from the same lighting collection, for a unified look.

Bathroom / Vanity Information

Designing a lighting plan for your bathroom can be tricky. Utilize different types of lighting fixtures for a layered lighting effect.

  • Place bathroom vanity lighting on the sides of the mirror as this ideal cross-illumination eliminates shadows under your eyes and chin.Two Wall Sconces On Both Sides Of The Bathroom Mirror
  • They should be mounted about 5' off of the ground and about 36 - 40" apart, if you have the space for it.
  • If you can't put vanities on the sides of your mirror, put a vanity light bar on top of the mirror. It should be about 75 - 80" above the floor.
  • If you are able to, combine side vanities and top vanity wall lighting for a better layered lighting effect.
  • For dual-sink setups, the mirror should be a little bit wider than the over mirror light bar.
  • We recommend at least 150 watts of light (incandescent) for the vanity. Consider a dimmer if you are worried about too much light. It is always easier to reduce wattage than increase it on a fixture already installed.

Layers of Light and Cross Illumination

  • Hanging Pendant Light With Multiple Wall Sconces For Ambience

  • Layers of light are more effective than one big central light because you can better control the light, depending on the task at hand.
  • To prevent glare and light objects evenly in the room, use multiple sources of light, such as close to the ceiling lights, recessed lighting, cabinet lighting, & wall lighting fixtures.
  • Even layers makes it easier to shave or apply makeup in the morning. This effect is created by the perfect amount of wall lighting fixtures and ceiling lighting.
  • Ceiling mounted lighting can still provide ambient lighting that won't glare off of chrome or tile.

Your Bathroom Options

  • Mirrors: Mirrors can make a room look larger, and increase the impact of anything they reflect.
  • Chandeliers: Chandeliers with glass and crystal can multiply and fracture light, creating depth as a central source of lighting.
  • Flush Mount: With dimmers, a flush mount light is always a good idea.
  • Sconces: Alongside mirrors or above the mirror, sconces are available in many sizes from one light to five or more.
  • Pendants: Pendants above a bathtub or alongside the mirror is a contemporary option for lighting.