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How to Install a Casablanca Wailea Fan

Add Comfort to Your Outdoor Spaces with Casablanca Wailea Fans


Finding a smart, stylish ceiling fan for a small space such as a laundry room or walk-in closet can be a trying task, but certainly not impossible. The Casablanca Wailea ceiling fan is designed for small, damp indoor and outdoor spaces, and like all ceiling fans created by the Casablanca Fan Company, they're pretty fashionable to boot. We at Del Mar Fans & Lighting put together a Casablanca Wailea ceiling fan how-to installation video to help and inspire you.


Discover the Casablanca Wailea Fan

Inspired by the Casablanca Fan Company’s Capistrano and Lanai ceiling fans, the Casablanca Wailea is UL-rated ceiling fan intended for damp or humid outdoor spaces like covered patios and porches. However, the Casablanca Wailea fan is also useful for indoor spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and even walk-in closets, where it reduces the amount of indoor humidity and prevents mold formation. These ceiling fans are ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces ranging from 75 square feet to 120 square feet in size. The simple, traditional body easily matches most interior and exterior decors. This compact ceiling fan is available in a brushed cocoa with matching blades and a brushed nickel with all-weather matte black blades.




Wire Cutters/Wire Strippers

Allen Key (included)

Phillips-head Screwdriver



For this video, we utilized a Casablanca Wailea ceiling fan.


Install the Casablanca Wailea Fan in Eight Steps
Prior to the Casablanca Wailea ceiling fan installation, turn off the power at the circuit breaker box, read the owner’s manual thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the installation steps, and make sure all the ceiling fan parts are enclosed in the packaging. You may pre-assemble the fan blades and attach the downrod to the motor housing prior to installation. Watch our installation video and use the steps below as a guide:


  1. Casablanca Wailea Ceiling Fan in Brushed Cocoa FinishInstall the mounting bracket to the outlet box.


  1. Install the canopy to the mounting bracket.


  1. Attach the downrod to the top of the motor housing.


  1. Hang the motor assembly from the canopy.


  1. Connect green ground, white neutral, and black power wires. If your fan includes a light kit, connect the blue wire with the black wires.


  1. Remove the shipping blocks from the motor housing, but keep the screws as you will use these to attach the fan blades.


  1. Attach the pre-assembled fan blades to motor housing with the screws provided. Tighten all the screws once all the blades are attached.
  1. Feed wire connector from the fan through the center of the switch housing. Attach the switch housing to the adapter plate with the screws provided.


  1. Connect wire plug from the ceiling fan to the wire plug from the switch housing (make sure colors are aligned).


  1. Install the switch housing cap with the screws provided. Attach pull chain controls.


Once you have completed the Casablanca Wailea installation, restore the power at the circuit breaker box and runt the ceiling fan at the highest speed. Look for any wobbling or shaking and listen for any odd noises that may indicate ceiling fan problems. See Del Mar Fans & Lighting's ceiling fan troubleshooting guide.


The Casablanca Wailea offers comfort to the smallest of indoor and outdoor spaces. How will this ceiling fan add comfort to the small spaces in your home? Let us know in the comments below.