There is nothing exciting about reading a 17-page ceiling fan installation manual. Fortunately, the Hunter Fan Co allowed us to skip a few pages by creating Hunter Five Minute Fans, which are 90 percent pre-assembled right out of the manufacturer’s packaging. As the name aptly suggests, these fans are quick and easy to install on standard, low-profile, and sloped ceilings. If the installation were not simple enough, we at Del Mar Fans & Lighting have created a brief how-to video to guide users through the Hunter Five Minute Fan Installation.

90 Percent Pre-Assembled
for Installation Ease

The Hunter Five Minute Fan features a traditional fan body with integrated downlighting and remote control. The ceiling fan is Energy Star rated, it is a ceiling fan with fluorescent lights making it at least 25 percent more efficient than traditional ceiling fans. The 172mm x 12mm fan motor moves 5203 cubic feet of air per minute, which is ideal for rooms ranging in size from 150 square feet to 300 square feet. The Easy Lock blades snap on the blade arms with little effort or tools, saving valuable time on the Hunter Five Minute Fan Installation.


  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

  • Wrench

  • Pliers

  • Ladder


For this installation, we used a Hunter Five Minute ceiling fan in a white finish.

Install the Hunter Five Minute Fan
in 10 Quick Steps

First, we read the Owner’s Guide and Installation Manual, and confirmed all the fan parts were included in the original packaging. Then, we turned the power off at the circuit breaker box and used the steps below to complete the Hunter Five Minute Fan Installation.

  1. Install the hanging bracket to the junction box and pull the wires through the bracket opening

    (NOTE: Mounting the bracket can affect the overall installation time)

  2. Raise the fan and place the ball into the hanger bracket; connect green wires, white wires, and black wires

  3. Partially secure the canopy screws in the bracket, raise the canopy over the hanger, and align screws with the slots in the canopy

  4. Secure the canopy, install the remaining canopy screws, and tighten all canopy screws

  5. Hunter Five Minute Fan Install Steps

  6. Lift the canopy trim ring to the top of the canopy and turn clockwise to secure

  7. Snap the Easy Lock blades into the blade arms

  8. Screw in the light bulb into the light socket and attach the extra pull chains

  9. Raise the glass bowl light and thread the pull chains through the bowl

  10. Place the cover plate against the light fixture and thread the chains through the metal cover

  11. Screw the finial on to the threaded rod

Lastly, run the ceiling fan at the highest speed setting to check for wobbling or noises, as these are signs of installation errors. Homeowners do not have to be ceiling fan experts to install one of the Hunter Five Minute Fans. The Hunter Five Minute Fan Installation is straightforward and short; users could probably install the new fan in the same amount of time as the average commercial break (give or take a few minutes).