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Recessed Lighting Guide: How to Select Housing and Trim

Recessed lighting fixtures are light fixtures that are installed in the ceiling to provide task, accent, ambient, and wall washing lighting effects. They aren't as decorative or expensive as chandeliers or pendants, and aren't quite as complex as track lighting. However, recessed lighting can still be a difficult topic, as it requires knowledge of how your house was built. Del Mar Fans & Lighting can help you pick the right recessed fixtures for your room.

Del Mar Designs - Lighting Rating

There are many elements that come together in the process of creating light fixtures, and each one of these elements has a different level of quality from different manufacturers. At Del Mar Designs, we have a lighting review system based on the level of quality that the manufacturer puts into each element for each light fixture.

Buy Close to Ceiling Lighting That Matches Your Needs

Close to Ceiling Lights come in many finishes and designs, from basic (and copied) designs to close mount crystal lights. We have hundreds of different models to choose from, so follow our guide to help narrow your choices down to a more manageable selection.

Which Kind of Light Bulbs to Use?

High Pressure Sodium Bulbs have a 15,000 hour average life, suitable for hard to reach areas. Up to 85% less energy use than incandescent: low operating costs, high upfront costs on High Pressure Sodium light bulbs. HPS Lamps give off golden / white light - don't use near entryways.

Dimmer Lighting Guide: How to Buy Dimmers

Lighter dimmers (either by themselves or as part of a complete dimming system), switches, and controls can be a complicated topic. Lutron Dimmers are well-known for their variety of light controlling dimmers and switches. Del Mar Fans & Lighting guides you through the topic and helps to select which dimmer is best suited for your home.

How to Choose Kitchen Island Pendant Fixtures

Pendants are light fixtures that hang from your ceiling to light a room. Pendant lights mount on cable, wire, stem, or chain, which separate them from close to ceiling lights. Pendants generally have one central light source. There are a wide variety of pendants available, from tiny mini pendants to multi light pendants.

Wall Lighting Install Guide

Fixtures that attach to the wall are known either as wall lights, sconces, or vanities. Vanities tend to be installed in the bathroom, particularly alongside a mirror. It can be hard to sort through all the different wall lighting fixtures, but here are a few tips.

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