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<h1>Which Kind of Light Bulbs to Use?</h1>

High Pressure Sodium Bulbs have a 15,000 hour average life, suitable for hard to reach areas. Up to 85% less energy use than incandescent: low operating costs, high upfront costs on High Pressure Sodium light bulbs. HPS Lamps give off golden / white light - don't use near entryways.

<h1>Dimmer Lighting Guide: How to Buy Dimmers</h1>

Lighter dimmers (either by themselves or as part of a complete dimming system), switches, and controls can be a complicated topic. Lutron Dimmers are well-known for their variety of light controlling dimmers and switches. Del Mar Fans & Lighting guides you through the topic and helps to select which dimmer is best suited for your home.

<h1>Pendant Lighting Guide: How to Choose Pendant Lighting Fixtures</h1>

Pendants are light fixtures that hang from your ceiling to light a room. Pendant lights mount on cable, wire, stem, or chain, which separate them from close to ceiling lights. Pendants generally have one central light source. There are a wide variety of pendants available, from tiny mini pendants to multi light pendants.

<h1>Wall Lighting Install Guide</h1>

Fixtures that attach to the wall are known either as wall lights, sconces, or vanities. Vanities tend to be installed in the bathroom, particularly alongside a mirror. It can be hard to sort through all the different wall lighting fixtures, but here are a few tips.

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