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Nada Manley
Nada Manley
Guest Content Writer

Nada is a contributor for the Del Mar Fans & Lighting, Bright Ideas blog. With a background in fashion and design, Nada also serves as a fashion columnist for the Daytona Beach News-Journal, a writer for Volusia Parent magazine and maintains her own blog called Beauty Mommy. When Nada is not working she loves to travel, read (the older the book, the better), cook, entertain, and spend time with friends, family, her husband and two little girls.


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Nada's Top 6 Posts

Incandescent Light Bulbs: The Controversy
As children, many of us were afraid to sleep in what seemed like then our pitch-black bedrooms, and we begged our parents to leave the bathroom or hallway light on. If you were lucky, they agreed after many outbursts. If you were truly lucky, you had a night light or a More...

Westinghouse Wants You to Recycle Your Old Light Bulbs
Recycling used to mean only one thing to most of us: tin cans. And maybe the occasional cardboard box. But that is so 2012. Today, H&M offers a coupon for a bag of your old clothes, the military will recycle your unwanted cell phones, and Apple will gladly take that retired MacBook off your hands. Environmentally More...

Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Takes Life Outside
When our friends first purchased their 1920s Spanish-revival style home, we weren’t mesmerized by the tray ceiling in the dining room or the Chicago brick throughout the first floor. Instead, we were first enthralled by the Hinkley More...

The Advantage of DC Motors Explained
What do the abbreviations AC and DC meant to you? As Floridians, here at Del Mar Fans & Lighting, the term AC reminds us of a summer staple used to keep us cool; and DC is the abbreviation for our nation's capital. Rarely do these terms conjure images of the best ceiling fan motors. However, our journey to un More...

Emerson Ceiling Fans - Design to Fit Your Style | Ships 2nd Day Air FREE
It’s no secret that we have specific ideas about how we want things to look in our homes. From an early age we've been crafting and expanding our personal styles. We like things to look and feel more like us, so why would it be any different with our ceiling fans? We are excited to announce at Del Mar Fans More...

Cost Effective Lighting: When to Turn It Off
In most houses, lights get turned on and off quite frequently, especially if you have children. A lot of parents deal with the bedtime light war when their children are constantly turning the lights on after the parent turned them off. But according to the latest research on cost effective lighting, you might be bett More...