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Compare and Save: Incandescent vs. LED

Compare Cost, Lifespan, and Wattage to Find the Right Bulb for Your Home

According to ENERGY STAR, lighting accounts for 12 percent of home energy costs. If you’re using inefficient light bulbs, this can really add up. Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs can decrease your energy use and reduce your energy costs. See how incandescent bulbs stack up against LED bulbs in the infographic below.

Incandescent Bulbs vs LED Bulbs Infograhic

Best Ceiling Fans for Your Kitchen

Stay in the Kitchen with these Cool Fans

Traditional Kitchen Fan

There are many reasons to put a ceiling fan in the kitchen. For one thing, when the stove gets hot and the dishwasher gets steamy, a ceiling fan provides ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable while you cook and clean. As well, if you select a fan with a light fixture, you get all the breezy benefits of a fan with the added perks of illumination for detailed tasks from slicing veggies to scrubbing the stove. Yet another great reason to install a fan in the kitchen? The right ceiling fan can seriously enhance your kitchen’s decor.

Rustic Kitchen Ceiling Fans?

Consider the style of your kitchen before selecting a ceiling fan. If you have a traditional space with details such as inset cabinets, marble countertops, or nickel hardware, look for a fan that complements those touches. When it comes to finishes, choose brass, silver, or brushed metallic casings. Other features such as smoothly curved blades and simple but elegant light shades are all hallmark aspects of fans that suit a traditional kitchen. On the other hand, in a rustic or vintage-inspired kitchen, you may have elements such as butcher block countertops, a farmhouse sink, and glass paneled cabinetry. Ceiling fans with oil-rubbed finishes, woodgrain blades, and scrollwork accents look great in this kind of space.


That's a Wrap: Design Challenge Reveal

See the Stunning After Pictures from our Brilliant Design Bloggers


Last month, we challenged three design bloggers to decorate a room of their choice. The only stipulation was that they had to include a ceiling fan of our choosing. Well, the results of the design challenge are in and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.


Del Mar Fans & Lighting Blogger Roundup


Each of the designers did an incredible job creating the perfect space to house the Kichler Arkwright ceiling fan. Their finished designs blew us away and elicited several “ohhs” and “ahhs” from colleagues. Each room evoked in us a sense of pride, and strengthened our belief that the ceiling fan is not an appliance to be undervalued. These brilliant designers reinforced our belief that ceiling fans can complement many different room decors and styles.


We want to give a huge thank you to all of the designers for their hard work and dedication, and we commend each one of them for fearlessly taking on this design challenge. Their unique designs perfectly showcase their individual tastes and talents. Each designer’s finished room is vastly different from the next, but all are beautiful beyond our imagination. Take a look at the after pictures featured below.

Modern Lighting Madness

Contemporary Fixtures to Illuminate Your Home

If you’re looking to complete your contemporary space, there are seemingly endless modern lighting options to put the finishing touch on your interior. In general, modern lighting styles have several aspects in common: they tend to be relatively unadorned, with clean lines and bold silhouettes. However, even under the umbrella of ‘modern’ there are several variations to consider when creating your desired look. In other words, not all modern is created equal!


Sleek Modern Lighting


Some of the most popular iterations on modern include sleekeclectic, and warm. The first of these is characterized by a simple, cool palette, often black and white. Surfaces include chrome and marble, clear glass, and polished lacquer. To select lighting for a space in the sleek modern style, keep color at a minimum and focus instead on angular edges, high-gloss finishes, and rectangular prism-inspired shades. By contrast, eclectic modern can be defined by a broader range of materials and a quirkier blend of colors and shapes. Vibrant accents combine with playful furnishings for a cheerful effect. For lighting that suits an eclectic modern space, feel free to have fun! Mix metals like brass with wood and crystal, and worry less about ‘matching’ and more about selecting pieces that make a statement.


Electic Modern Lighting

Giving Back on National Ceiling Fan Day

We’re Celebrating by Donating New Ceiling Fans to Grace Academy

September 18th is National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD), a day dedicated to reducing energy consumption by turning off your central cooling system and turning on your ceiling, desk or floor fan instead. Initiated by the Fanimation Fan Company, the campaign aims to save billions of kilowatt hours of energy. This year’s theme also encourages you to swap your old fan for a new, energy-efficient ceiling fan.


In support of NCFD, we at Del Mar Fans & Lighting wanted to raise awareness of the event while also giving back to our local community. We paired up with Grace Academy, a small private school in Ormond Beach, FL, in dire need of new ceiling fans. The school’s existing fans were dusty, rundown and in some case, unsafe to operate. We donated and installed four, brand new Hunter ceiling fans.


Grace Academy Fan Installation Before & After


Out with Old Fans, In With the New Fans

We replaced the ceiling fans in the following classrooms: Ms. Overlay’s kindergarten classroom, Ms. Reiser’s first grade classroom, Ms. Larson’s third grade classroom, and Ms. Haney’s fourth grade classroom.


The ceiling fans, some of which were 40 years old, were in such bad condition they were literally falling apart. One rogue fan blade went airborne while Chalo, our installation expert, uninstalled the fan. While another ceiling fan plummeted to the ground before being full disassembled.

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