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Giving Back on National Ceiling Fan Day

We’re Celebrating by Donating New Ceiling Fans to Grace Academy

September 18th is National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD), a day dedicated to reducing energy consumption by turning off your central cooling system and turning on your ceiling, desk or floor fan instead. Initiated by the Fanimation Fan Company, the campaign aims to save billions of kilowatt hours of energy. This year’s theme also encourages you to swap your old fan for a new, energy-efficient ceiling fan.


In support of NCFD, we at Del Mar Fans & Lighting wanted to raise awareness of the event while also giving back to our local community. We paired up with Grace Academy, a small private school in Ormond Beach, FL, in dire need of new ceiling fans. The school’s existing fans were dusty, rundown and in some case, unsafe to operate. We donated and installed four, brand new Hunter ceiling fans.


Grace Academy Fan Installation Before & After


Out with Old Fans, In With the New Fans

We replaced the ceiling fans in the following classrooms: Ms. Overlay’s kindergarten classroom, Ms. Reiser’s first grade classroom, Ms. Larson’s third grade classroom, and Ms. Haney’s fourth grade classroom.


The ceiling fans, some of which were 40 years old, were in such bad condition they were literally falling apart. One rogue fan blade went airborne while Chalo, our installation expert, uninstalled the fan. While another ceiling fan plummeted to the ground before being full disassembled.

Green is the New Black: Green Living Experts

Five Fantastic Eco-friendly Bloggers That are Livin' the Green Life

Eco-friendly blogs are blooming into popularity, and all of us at Del Mar Fans & Lighting are dedicated to conserving energy around the office as well as around our homes. In an effort to be greener, we took to the office white board and discussed several simple ways that we could improve our green status such as turning off our ceiling fans and lights when we’re not home, and switching out old incandescent light bulbs for newer, more energy efficient LED light bulbs. Along the way, we shared some of our favorite eco-friendly blogs and the writers behind them. 


Eco-Friendly Bloggers


Never Let 'em See You Sweat: Dorm Desk Fans

Beat the Heat With These Cool & Collected Dorm Room Desk Fans

School is back in session, and for many of you this means leaving the comfort and familiarity of your childhood home, venturing out on your own, and moving into your first dorm room. College is an adventure, and with it comes a completely new list of challenges and obstacles. Stay cool under pressure by adding a desk fan to your dorm room décor.


Del Mar Fans Best Desk Room Fans


Unfortunately, college dorm rooms have garnered a reputation for being hot and stuffy, and being uncomfortable in your own dorm room can have a negative effect on your sleep and study habits. Desk fans make perfect accessories for any dorm room because they are stylish as well as functional.


Desk fans produce a gentle amount of airflow and allow for a refreshing and cooling breeze. Their effective wind flow will provide you with a welcome break from the heat of a cramped dorm room, especially if there are multiple electronics running simultaneously.

Light Your Dorm Room With Floor & Desk Lamps

Stunning Mood Boards That Will Make You Happy to Return to School
Goodbye Summer, Hello Back to School

Summer is coming to an end, and as you prepare to return to school in the fall, you may find yourself scrambling to purchase some last minute items on your back to school checklist. Laptops, bedspreads, and desk lamps are all important back to school items for those of you living in a college dorm room. 


Assert your individuality in your dorm room design by accessorizing with practical, yet stylish products. An adjustable desk lamp is the perfect addition to any college dorm room because it combines functionality with flair. Lamps are available in all different shapes and sizes and come in a variety of styles making them the perfect accompaniment to your dorm room décor, whether you’re looking for modern desk lamps or antique desk lamps.  


Mood Board picture


Desk lamps are a stylish way to illuminate dark areas or highlight the painting hanging on the wall that you just so happened to make in art class. A desk lamp is an effective way to keep studying long after your roommate has gone to sleep because it will provide you with enough light to see what you’re reading or writing without producing so much light that it keeps your roommate awake.


Justina Blakeney mood board


If you’re not sure how to decorate your dorm room, or you’re just looking for some unique dorm room ideas in general, make sure that you check out the amazing mood boards created by Camille Simmons from Planning Pretty and Justina Blakeney. These incredibly talented designers made mood board magic with their creative and diverse dorm room visions. You should probably start thinking about taking online classes because their designs will make you never want to leave your room.

The Best Ceiling Fans for Major Milestones

The Best Ceiling Fans to Get You Through Life's Big Moments

There are certain events in life that we mark as significant or life changing. Life is a journey that is constantly evolving, and there are bound to be times when you’re too busy to even think about what’s for dinner let alone which ceiling fan to buy. We have all been there before, and we understand that just because you may be ready for a break doesn’t mean that life is ready to give it to you. That’s why we created a list of the best ceiling fans to get you through some of those busy and important milestones in life.


College Students

Starting college and living in a dorm room presents a whole new series of exciting challenges. Oftentimes, college dorm rooms have poor airflow and can be quite stuffy, and being uncomfortable can have a negative impact on your studies. Knowing how to keep your dorm room cool is essential to college living. Stay stress and sweat free with the Craftmade Contractor’s 207 fan. The ample airflow that this fan produces makes it an ideal ceiling fan for a college dorm room. This fan also comes equipped with a light, which will come in handy when you have to stay up late or work all through the night in order to finish that final paper or project.


Ceiling Fan for College

New Homeowners

Buying a home is one of the biggest milestones in life, and purchasing a ceiling fan after buying a new home is probably the last thing on your mind. However, think of how much cooler you will feel sitting below the cooling breeze of a ceiling fan while you unpack your boxes. The 52” Hunter Sonora fan is one of the best ceiling fans for new homeowners. It provides generous airflow and is available in a variety of different finishes, making it easily customizable to your own personal style and décor. This Energy Star compliant fan is ETL approved for indoor locations in the United States and Canada and would look stunning displayed in a bedroom or a guest room. 


Ceiling Fan for New Home Owners

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