Exotic Fanimation Islander Ceiling Fan - Save 33%

Bring the beauty of the tropics to your home with one of these bewitching Fanimation Islander ceiling fans. Each fan can be customized with our wide selection of blades and unique finishes to match your personal style. Look for UL Damp listed for covered outdoor spaces or UL Wet listed for outdoor spaces that are exposed to the elements. This Fanimation ceiling fan will stylishly keep you cool.


Tropical Fanimation Islander Fan

"A native or inhabitant of an island," is the definition of islander. The very definition of the Fanimation Islander ceiling fan means to be surrounded by ocean breezes, smooth sand and cooling palm trees. If you love relaxing vacations at the beach, colorful umbrellas in fruity beverages or beautiful tanned skin; this is the ceiling fan for you. The Islander ceiling fan collection has a huge variety of styles, sizes and finishes.


Fanimation Islander Ceiling Fan Video


This Fanimation ceiling fan comes in a large selection of blades, including narrow oval, all-weather bamboo, antique blades, narrow oval, all-weather bamboo, antique blades, maple composite curved blades, carved narrow and traditional. Palm fronds represented victory, peace and eternal life in ancient Egypt. It has also been used for thousands of years as a fanning device, cooling down kings and people of nobility. So it was only natural for Fanimation to use these powerful symbols as a blueprint for their strong beautiful fans.If you’re looking for a tropical ceiling fan with multiple blade options view the Fanimation MAD3250OB.


Islander Ceiling Fan Install by Fanimation

Most Islander fans include a DC-1255 motor with an amazing product airflow of 5,580 cubic feet per minute, which is why these fans are Energy Star rated for energy efficiency. This saves you energy and money. The blade sizes range from 52 inches for standard sized room between 150-300 sq. ft. and go all the way up to 80 inches for cooling large rooms over 300 sq. ft. See Del Mar Fans & Lighting's article and video on how to install the Fanimation Islander ceiling fan.

If you want to feel like royalty being fanned by beautiful people with large palm fronds the Islander ceiling fan is perfect for you. View our bronze accented fan which comes with a six speed remote control with full-range light dimming and reverse function. Finally, you can close your eyes and breathe in coconut sunscreen while feeling the cooling breeze of your new Islander ceiling fan by Fanimation.

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