Solar Powered Gama Sonic Lighting | 33% Off

Gama Sonic is a frontrunner in the solar lighting industry with a range of eco-friendly outdoor fixtures. A Gamma Sonic solar lamp posts and landscape lighting helps to increase a homeowner’s sense of safety and security by casting a glow over the front of the residence, driveway, and walkway. Gama Sonic light fixtures are energy efficient and UL-listed for damp and wet environments.


How Solar Powered Lights from Gama Sonic Can Help You

For over 27 years, Gama Sonic Lighting has focused on solar lighting and how important it is to the future of solar energy. They’ve developed more than 18 innovative designs of solar charged products. Gamma Sonic solar lights are Energy Star rated to make sure they are top of the line at saving on energy costs of up to $400 a year depending on your lights energy type. These lights are outdoor approved with UL Wet and Damp ratings meaning they can take the harsh exterior weather. Gama Sonic lights are so powerful they are often used for commercial purposes such as street lighting. These lights are the future of solar lighting.

How Does Solar Lighting Work?

A solar yard light uses the standard solar cell in a very straightforward application. A single cell can produce a maximum of .45 volts depending on the size of the cell and the amount light hitting it. The solar cell or panel is wired directly to a battery that it charges. Do during the day the battery charges until it’s full, then at night the solar cells stop and the battery starts working. The photoresistor turns on the LED light bulbs automatically. For example the Gama Sonic Royal Lights use a li-ion battery pack with 3.2 volts and can charge 1500Ma, which makes its duration between 8-10 hours depending on the season.

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